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Thread: Memories of TV when a child

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    Quote Originally Posted by revchuck38 View Post
    Nobody mentioned Walt Disney yet?
    Or Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.
    John Wick didn't kill all those people because they broke his toaster.-MickAK

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    Quote Originally Posted by revchuck38 View Post
    Nobody mentioned Walt Disney yet?
    Or Perry Mason. It's on twice a day on MeTV. I love Perry Mason. If Dabbs Greer didn't do it, then Denver Pyle did.

    Then there's Gunsmoke that you can catch at least five hours' worth every day ... B&W episodes (both 1/2 hour and 1 hour) on MeTV and INSP. And an hour of Riflemen (Lucas McCain and his Model '92 in the late 1880's!). Another career for Dabbs and Denver!

    I just found Tales of Wells Fargo (one of my favorites) on GRIT in the late afternoon. Originally brought to you by Plymouth: "Lowest priced of the 'Low Price Three'."

    Livin' in the past.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambo View Post
    Or Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.
    Just like our friend the antelope, we need the protection only Mutual of Omaha can provide...
    There's nothing civil about this war.

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    Awesome Kung Fu movies on Saturday afternoons

    Sneaking upstairs and adjusting the rabbit ears to catch my first episode of Miami Vice. The snow miraculously cleared at the end just in time to watch Crockett blast a dude to Phil Collin's "I Don't Care Anymore" in glorious analog TV.

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    When I was five years old (circa 1955-56), missing Mighty Mouse on Saturday mornings in Chicago was genuinely an occasion for mourning and tears.
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    Captain Video, Tom Corbett - Space Cadet (Venus was a jungle planet with dinosaurs).

    Trick Gun Cowboy Shows:

    1. Johnny Ringo - LeMat
    2. Paladin - custom six gun and Remington Derringer behind his belt buckle
    3. Wanted Dead or Alive - cut down Winchester
    4. Yancy Derringer - 4 barrel 32 cal Sharps in sleeves, vest pocket, hat
    5. Rifleman - that loop
    6. Wyatt Earp - with the Freudian Special


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    Highway Patrol
    Rescue 8
    Sea Hunt

    Reruns of the Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon movies from the 1930s

    Super Car
    Fireball XL-5
    Space Angel
    Johnny Quest

    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (first two seasons)
    Wild, Wild West
    The Rat Patrol
    The Green Hornet
    Mission: Impossible
    Star Trek
    Hoganís Heroes
    Adam 12

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    The earliest thing I recall watching on TV: Nixon's resignation! I was 3 years old; my dad told me to sit down and watch it, because it was important...I had no idea who or what I was seeing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MistWolf View Post
    Cal Worthington and his Dog Spot car dealership commercials
    I remember those! I grew up in San Diego, and Los Angeles was a strange land far, far away. My only image of Los Angeles was Cal, so I thought everyone up there was weird like that.

    (Now I've got that stupid jingle stuck in my head.)

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    Did no one mention "Tales of Texas Rangers," or did I miss it??

    Mid-'50s. Alternated between contemporary and Old West settings. The latter, of course, had the Rangers armed with twin Colt Single Actions, and the "modern" with S&W revolvers. (I seem to remember N-frame fixed sights, .38/44 heavy duties or .44 Specials.)

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