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Thread: Black Friday 1965!!!

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    Black Friday 1965!!!

    Dug this up while refreshing my memory about "what and when" could a Pre-1970
    pistolsmith buy, rather than make, as a custom builder.

    Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to you ALL. Thank you for a great forum!

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    Adjusted for inflation the Pachmayr Colt comes out at $1277, and the Officer's Model Match would be $1,074. Interestingly, that's not far off from what retail prices are for some "factory custom" guns today. Colt's Wiley Clapp Government Model, for instance, MSRP's for $1299, and S&W's Model 27 Classic 6.5" MSRP's for $1,091. Although it is certain that neither of those currently-produced guns will receive anywhere near the attention to detail a Pachmayr-made gun would have back in 1965.

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