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Thread: Phlster Enigma. A game changer in belt free carry?

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    I saw the launch video, and am favorably impressed. I could use a carry solution for "business casual" (slacks & a button shirt, tucked in) with no visible clips in NPE.
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    My wife was standing over my shoulder when I watched the video and all I heard is "I want one", no how much is it or anything...

    I may end up with 2, this may end my search for a rucking/hiking solution.

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    If you cant tell, I'm excited for this product. If it's as good as advertised, it solves a ton of problems for me.

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    Ill absolutely be picking at least one up. Probably two.
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    I have to say I'm interested as well. It could solve my "armed while running" issues.


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    That looks like a really well thought out product. I might snag one for PT attire carry.
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    As a naturally suspicious person, I am suspicious, naturally, how much support and gun tuck this thing is going to offer. Standing by for impartial reviews.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YVK View Post
    As a naturally suspicious person, I am suspicious, naturally, how much support and gun tuck this thing is going to offer. Standing by for impartial reviews.
    Just from watching the video, it seems as it uses all your normal aiwb holster features that you may prefer(claw, muzzle wedge, etc...) and the "harness" or belt looks adjustable to whatever tension you prefer so I'm hoping it's the same or close to a normal belt setup...but I will report once I get one in hand.
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    The option to customize how much grip rotation your holster has without necessarily changing belt tension is pretty interesting.

    I’ll probably be picking two up for NPE and sweatpants carry, but I wonder if they’ll be able to translate some of the apparent adjustability of this chassis system to belted carry? Not sure it would be possible, but it’s an interesting thought.

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    It’s interesting for sure. Being the juvenile-mind I am, when they called it a chassis I thought “chastity belt” and giggled.
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