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Thread: Phlster Enigma. A game changer in belt free carry?

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    Interestingly, I later got an e-mail from Phlster, so, that shows that nothing would have kept me from receiving an in-stock notification, had Phlster sent one.

    “You left your shopping cart without completing your purchase just a bit ago. We are confident you will love our products. below is a coupon code that is good for free shipping for the next two days on us.“

    Well, of course, I did not complete the order, because the two Enigmas, that had been in-stock when I started the transaction, were gone before I could complete the order. And, I doubt that discount code will be helpful, unless they miraculously stock more Enigmas this weekend. Sigh.

    I understand that a wait-list is not the same thing as reserving the item, but why bother to maintain a wait-list, if it has no meaning?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caballoflaco View Post
    My understanding is that they’re only emailing the same number of people as they have enigmas to sell. They have also asked on their social media for people to most post publicly when they get a notification so that everyone on the list gets a chance to buy. I agree that it would be best if they weren’t listed publicly for sale to avoid the problem you had, but all things aside I do think they’re doing an honest job of attempting to provide a sought after product in a fair fashion while they get production ramped up.

    I’m also on the wait list, but did not receive an e-mail. I waited a while to sign up, so I imagine I’ll have to wait a bit longer. On the plus side I don’t foresee it being a 2 year wait like for a bespoke leather holster from a small shop.
    CF has it correctly - e-mail notifications are sent to users in the order that they were setup, so that those first to sign up are first notified.

    I'm sorry that it hasn't worked out for you just yet, RexG; but I fully expect that when your sign-up reaches the end of the queue covered by the batch release at the time, you'll receive an e-mail notifying you of stock as it happens.

    We're trying not to shut the door on "walk-ins," trying to keep the website from getting saturated and\or crashing, and trying to honor the order of interest-expressed to the best of our ability given the previous two goals. (Pre-orders are not a good way to go about this business.)
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