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Thread: Thoughts on 2-Gun Carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    Pocket carry is, IMO, superior for a surprise draw in a street mugging sort of situation. You should have a good grip and be presenting before the other guy's OODA loop starts.
    Like a magic show. My 442 is in a Aholster in my pocket.
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    One aspect of carrying two weapons, on opposite sides of the body, at belt level, is that pivoting so that one weapon is away from a threat means that the other weapon is presented relatively nearer to the threat. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, but it is something to consider. When I have carried mirror-image right/left, at belt level, I felt that it was all the more important to be hyper-vigilant.

    Again, to be clear, I am not preaching against mirror-image right/left carry.
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    I used to carry a pair of 3913s in RH and LH Sparks IWBs. I had to get a belt long enough to go around two IWBs as well as use bigger pants. For a time I carried a 1911 strong side IWB and a Glock 19 cross draw in a belt slide. When we went to M&P40s for a while I carried one each full size and compact. I like the idea of having a second gun thatís almost as capable as a service pistol but most of the time these days I have a service pistol IWB and a J frame in a pocket. One year in the late 90s I had two on duty encounters that I felt could lead to retaliation attempts.

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    I can only imagine how many door frames and chairs I'd bump into if I tried this. I'd feel like I was 10 feet wide. Heck when I used to wear a big chunk of a divers watch the extra half inch height on my wrist had it banging into door frames a surprising amount.

    Turning one hip away from things to ease by becomes second nature pretty easily. But always having one on the other side would be awkward pretty much all the time for my lifestyle at least. For reference I think nothing of hiking 10 miles with a G19 AIWB.

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    I used to second gun with an airweight J frame or D frame in my non dominant side pocket in a Mika holster or in heavy coat weather simply in the dominant side coat pocket. With the advent of tiny, relatively reliable small .380's, my go to would now be either my LCP or G42 in an ankle holster, or since I frequently wear 11" cowboy boots I have found the bugbite brand calf holsters hold one of those in the perfect position for those boots inside on my non dominant side leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    What state restricts how many you can carry?
    New Mexico did, may still.

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    Around five years ago I found myself in a position I didn't like. The former dopers that lived next door were harmless but messed up in the head from years of... injustice or whatever they call it now. Cool, but their daughter moved in... with her boyfriend. And they started dealing. That sucks but...

    The neighbor next door who had rented the house after our long term and good neighbors moved got involved with those people and others, and there was some sort of supply/dealing network going on.

    I was in regular contact with the local department (not the one I work for) and it quickly became apparent these people may figure out who is calling on them. I began to worry about someone kicking in my door with a baseball bat, Hi-Point, or AK... and that's not so cool. Sooo... I ended up picking up a Ruger LCP and a Mitch Rosen pocket holster. I carried it "at home" for a year or two until .380s were approved on my department and now it's my "always" gun that goes in my right front pocket when I put on pants in the morning, and stays there until I go to bed.

    It has been 100% reliable with everything I've put through it to include several types of FMJ ammo as well as Gold Dots, Winchester Ranger, and our authorized duty round, which is Federal HST. My schedule is thus... Twice a year I test fire the pistol as carried. The first couple rounds of HST cause lint and debris to "poof" away as it's fired. I shoot the magazine of carry ammo, and maybe a couple more. Then I shoot 50-100 rounds of ball ammo for practice (not BS stuff but Hackathorn Wizard, "the test", and stuff like "Dot Torture") before cleaning and re-lubrication. Then it's back in the pocket for another ~6 months.

    People ask my why I have that gun. I carried it all day today, but other than inside my home and now inside my hotel room, if I needed it it was a bad day indeed because I had my Glock 19 with 18 rounds, an RMR, a TLR-7A, and a spare 17rd magazine. Its purpose is that when the Glock isn't on me, and someone breaks down my door with lethal intent, they get seven x .380s to the face, then if needed I'll throw the gun at them while I run to get something else.

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    For working police or other high threat occupations, I think carrying "near-peer" back-up to a duty weapon is an excellent idea. While I didn't carry a BUG my entire career in real law enforcement, my back-ups were a SIG 239, a Glock 27, and finally, an S&W Shield. For off duty or self-defense carry, a second gun makes sense as does another fire extinguisher in the house of car. I suspect a smaller gun in pocket or ankle holster probably makes a better choice than a larger weapon on or in the waist.

    That said, if you think your dual gun carry will work, go ahead and try it. I'd suggest not getting overly invested, financially or, more importantly, emotionally invested in the concept. Whatever happens, let us know. Whether it works or not, your experience will prove valuable to forum members.

    Actually, my favorite BUG was a SIG 228 carried in a DeSantis New York Undercover shoulder rig with two spare magazines that backed up mu 9mm SIG 226 and magazines on my duty belt. I felt like Sonny Crockett, but you can only wear a duty jacket that conceals a shoulder holster a few months in the National Capital Region.

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    Thanks to all for your responses!

    I'm not seeing 2-gun carry as something I'd do all the time, but rather as a viable option if I chose to do so. I carry 100% of the time in NH, even when home, and wearing the PPS in a strong-side JMCK #3 IWB has become SOP for me.

    My "new SOP" might be to simply move it to the left side, with the option to add the PPQ on the right/strong side. Becoming equally proficient with weak-hand-only shooting would certainly become my primary training focus.

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    Mas and others add their thoughts on the matter in the Snub interview thread. Check out post #129.

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