View Poll Results: Thanksgiving Dish That Absotively, Posilutely Has To Go

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  • Turkey

    4 3.92%
  • Ham

    5 4.90%
  • Stuffing (inside the turkey)

    9 8.82%
  • Stuffing (outside the turkey)

    1 0.98%
  • Green Bean Casserole

    26 25.49%
  • Sweet Potatoes/Candied Yams

    13 12.75%
  • Squash

    12 11.76%
  • Mashed Potatoes

    2 1.96%
  • Mac & Cheese

    6 5.88%
  • Caranbery Sauce/Jelly/Dressing

    9 8.82%
  • Brussel Sprouts

    24 23.53%
  • Creamed Onions

    26 25.49%
  • Cornbread

    2 1.96%
  • Pumpkin Pie

    4 3.92%
  • Apple Pie

    0 0%
  • Other

    3 2.94%
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Thread: Worstest Thanksgiving Dish Ever

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    Worstest Thanksgiving Dish Ever

    Okay, cast your vote. Write-ins welcome. I tried to come up with all the "traditional" dishes I could think of.

    All are welcome to express their opinion. Mockery expected. My wife, who has only Yankee influence in her family's traditions not brought over from the old continent, expressed skepticism at cornbread. I will fight anyone who agrees with her.
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    I've never had a truly awful thanksgiving dish. I have had good dishes prepared ineptly by talentless or palate-deprived cooks.

    Thankfully, this has almost never been a case with any of my family.
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    This is the best use for cranberry sauce.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TQP View Post
    This is the best use for cranberry sauce.
    I'm ambivalent on cranberry sauce, but you get a like for making me laugh.

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    My mother insists on making Brussels sprouts every year. I think her and one of my cousins are the only two that eat them.

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    Will somebody kindly let me know when we decide to have a civil war based on whether or not corn bread should have sugar added to the recipe.

    Hereís a hint itís not called corn cake, or served as a dessert.
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    Tie between green bean casserole and creamed onions.

    Homemade cranberry sauce is a world away from canned. Cranberries, apple, orange, water, sugar to taste(tart!), salt. There's also the infamous "Mama Stambergs" made with sour cream and horseradish that actually works really well on dark meat. The chutney is also good.

    Brussels sprouts are hideous if you boil them to an olive drab death. Try cut in halves, blanch in boiling water then ice water, saute in butter with onions and slivered almonds. Should still be bright green when cooked.

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    Not much there to dislike, but my #1 wasn't split out. I *like* the jellied cranberry sauce, but I hate the stuff with raw berries, sticks, twigs, pinecones (so it seems) made in a grinder . . .

    Never had creamed onions, but doesn't give me an urge thinking about it.

    Brussel sprouts, that's a favorite!

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    The Texas supermarket chain HEB has BBQ restaurants in some of their stores. They do roasted Brussels sprouts which are the best Brussels sprouts Iíve had, hands down.

    @JM Campbell can opine as heís had them as well.

    Recipe here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caballoflaco View Post
    Will somebody kindly let me know when we decide to have a civil war based on whether or not corn bread should have sugar added to the recipe.

    Hereís a hint itís not called corn cake, or served as a dessert.
    I'll be diplomatic and say it depends on your cornmeal. Good cornmeal doesn't need it. Bad cornmeal can be tasteless or bitter. Overuse of baking powder can also make things bitter and need sugar to compensate.

    My cornbread additives tend more towards hot peppers, cheese, or garlic.

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