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Thread: 100 is the new 350

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    Fair warning: Circle talk rambling nonsense that no one will care much about below:

    Okay.... Lets back away from the ammo shortage doom porn tube for a second and be analytical

    Lets say a guy has a metric shit ton of ammo and time, and private place to shoot all he wants. Is that the best use of his effort - right now?

    Lets say a guy doesn't have any ammo or anywhere to shoot... is he destined for fitment of his street Kilt?

    Id say the answer to both is no.

    If a guy has a clean Bill drill in the 1.90s cold from concealment - will it matter to a dead shitbag if his time slips to a 2.50?

    Now... I know the timer/target doesn't lie. And I love a sub second awib A zone hit so much that my hands twitch when the microwave goes off.

    But given the known probability or rather known unlikeliness of purposeful firearm use - I wonder how much ground we're really losing to pursue other aspects of the defense menu.

    you can get good trigger reps chasing your kid or cat or whatever with a water gun. I'd wager if you've spent any amount of time here and aren't total liar, then you've got a solid skill set or set of known performance standards that are repeatable for you.

    If simply shooting more will help you raise those standards to an appreciable degree.... then spend some money.... make the rounds count ands get your improvement.

    But....if were honest.... the pulling triggers portion of our next would be defensive scenario is probably within our current skill set.

    So.... from a guy with a wheelbarrow full of ammo.... just making more empties should take a back seat to overall awareness, fitness, behavioral analysis and general "basic dude stuff"

    Flame on.

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    Maintaining proficiency takes a lot fewer rounds than developing proficiency.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    Maintaining proficiency takes a lot fewer rounds than developing proficiency.

    But unless Richy Riot and jimmy antifa are closet Grand masters, We're probably not operating in a state of proficiency disparity.

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    I tend to agree with Duke. The last couple years I have slowed way down on my pistol shooting but still shoot my carbine and precision rifle quite a bit. The round count isn't nearly as high but the fun factor is still there.

    Maybe things have changed since the last time I looked but 12 and 20 gauge ammo was readily available for going out and shooting trap or practicing some shotgun drills.

    22LR has become scarce again but it isn't completely unobtainable, and is at a much lower price point than 9mm and 223. Grab the old 10/22 or a 22 handgun and go have some fun. Setup some clay pigeons at 200 yards and see what you can do with the bolt action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duke View Post

    And I love a sub second awib A zone hit so much that my hands twitch when the microwave goes off.... [SNIP]

    just making more empties should take a back seat to overall awareness, fitness, behavioral analysis and general "basic dude stuff" ... [SNIP]

    I legit LOL'd at the microwave comment. I think being well rounded is a very good idea.

    I can go out and burn 500 rounds and not have much to show for it, and have "fun"... but that isn't fun right now with 9mm priced the way it is. I reload, so my cost isn't the same as a new shooters, but components are scarce, and future supply is not certain. Its best to make the rounds you fire count anyway, so having to buckle down might even be helpful, if you put some thought into your range trips. Practice sessions that confine themselves to a 50 round box can bring you meaningful results, if you do a little planning and/or set some basic goals. Think, one shot draws to a 3x5 with a time constraint/accuracy standard, vs Bill Drills trying to get .15 splits for the sake of tiny splits. I'd argue that an accurate first round hit probably beats the hell out of a bill drill in a defense situation. Hell, even running a FAST a few times is decent practice ( I know it was not intended to be a practice drill, but a test), and gives a reasonable framework to measure progress/maintenance of several skills in only 6 rounds fired per run.

    I personally have not fired a ton of ammo in the last ~6 months... but when I have gone out, I've done it with a goal in mind.

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    Short of having an unlimited ammo source, which almost no one does this days, rich or poor, reloader or not, sport or defensive shooter — you will be getting by with less live fire rounds. How you use those rounds will be different, depending upon your objectives — some primarily shoot for fun, some for sport, others primarily for defense.

    What I haven’t heard yet is a thoughtful analysis of what happened with ammo, and what the short and long term outlook is likely to be. I would be just guessing to what happened and why, and when if ever, will it get better.

    My wife now says she can “get by” with 2,000 rounds a month. That is 50 rounds times 20 days for practice, and 250 rounds a weekend for matches.
    Likes pretty much everything in every caliber.

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    At my pre-Covid 9mm rate, I have primers/powder for two years. Bullets...maybe six months. At my Covid rate of practice, it will last the rest of my life.

    @Duke is correct. Years of a lot of shooting doesn't just disappear. I'll do what I need to to keep close to prior performance.

    Hambo's Covid train-up plan:
    -Dry fire at home: cost=free
    -Umarex Beretta 92 BB gun gifted by a friend, at home: cost=nearly free as I recover most of the BBs
    -Live fire at ranges: I'll shoot what I feel I need to on a given day. 50-70 rounds is good for a test and a bit of training. If I need to shoot 200 or more, so be it.
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    Even when I was phat on ammo I limited my volume to 150 rds per session. Comparing notes with Kevin B he used the same top limit for his stated reason that past that, he doesn't find he's learning much any longer. But I was shooting once a week, he, three. Now we're targeting 50 to 100.

    When I recently shot with him, we splurged for 100 and he showed me two different 50 round sessions that he crafted to work on the fundamentals that one applies across whatever shooting challenge, string of fire etc. From 5-25 yards.

    It was interesting. It included a few rounds for "assessment" ie a test/standard.

    These two 50 rounders had more work from ready to concentrate on the sights/trigger/narrow and wide transitions learning without a variable of fouling a grip and wasting rounds (that was my assumption). Draw being something that can be worked so well in dry fire and all.

    I'm getting a lot more dry fire in now.
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    Before the ammo shortage I typically shot 150 rounds per range session. Now I've cut back to 100 rounds 2-3 times per month. I'm shooting 38 Super almost exclusively because that's what I have the most of and it's still available, but the recoil is different enough from 45 that I still try to shoot a couple magazines of 45 during each range trip. I carry a Commander, and if things don't improve with ammo over the next several months I will probably obtain a 38 Super Commander to carry and stop shooting up my 45 ACP altogether for a while.

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    Back in the early days of IPSC, I think I remember reading about someone winning the World Shoot that mostly dry fired for practice. He lived in a country that only allowed citizens to have a certain amount of ammo. And aren't there people from countries that ban guns that practice with airsoft and come to Steel Challenge matches in the US and do well?

    I'm shooting a little more 22, but that's not available now either.

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