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Thread: Permanent Daylight Saving Time?

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    Permanent Daylight Saving Time?

    Link below is purely a starting point for discussion...I saw this recently, and I'm genuinely curious how people feel about it. I understand geography and profession make real differences in how it impacts you, and there's a pretty wide range of folks represented here.

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    I would be strongly for either permanent DST or permanent standard time. I really don't care which one; it's the switching back and forth that annoys me.

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    Iím over it. Iíd love for us to choose one and stick with it.

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    Arizona doesnít change.
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    Pick one, but just stop switching the clocks.

    Also, if anyone says it was/is done for farmers, they obviously don't know squat about farming. Most of my Dad's side of the family are/were farmers, and all hate the switching of the clocks.
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    Standard Time for me.

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    Just me personally, I want full time DST.

    Louisiana passed a law calling for full time DST, but we need final approval from the feds before that happens, and I'm sure that's way, way down on the list of things for the higher-ups to attend.

    The one argument I can understand against DST is that it puts little kids waiting for the bus in the dark. On the other hand, I *greatly* prefer ending the workday with as much daylight remaining as possible.
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    I agree - choose one and stick with it.

    Usually there isn't much complaining in the Fall, because we get an extra hour of sleep. But in the Spring when we lose an hour of sleep, newspapers will run articles explaining the origins of it and whether or not it still makes sense in modern times, and they'll quote some study that shows that it doesn't really reduce energy consumption and that car crashes and suicides and spousal abuse increase in the week following the time change, and a few politicians will make a feeble amount of noise about maybe proposing to end it forever, but nothing ever changes - except the clocks.

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    I think how it affects you depends on the latitude where you live. I live near the 49th parallel. For me DST year round would be better. I don't think it really matters much in the lower latitudes like AZ. They have longer days no matter how the gov't tries to screw with peoples biological clocks. The back and forth sucks up here. I don't care, pick one.
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    I'd prefer full time DST -- I hate when it gets dark before 5 p.m. Right now, sunset is about 4:30 here in eastern Washington, and it will be before 4:10 in December.

    The gain an hour thing in the fall doesn't work for me -- it just screws up my sleep schedule, which isn't very good anyway. I just wake up an hour earlier than I need to for about five days.

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