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Thread: Killed by a chicken..

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    Killed by a chicken..

    After a quick search (maybe too quick?) I decided to post this:

    Has anyone ever heard of something as bizarre as ths?
    "We are the domestic pets of a human zoo we call civilization."

    Laurence Gonzales - "Deep Survival."

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    I guess when your number comes up, RIP.

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    Roosters being killed randomly. Any petrifications?

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    Killed by a chicken..

    Damn, what a shitty way to die..

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKDoug View Post
    Damn, what a shitty way to die..
    And take just long enough to bleed out that you would die, knowing you were killed by a chicken...

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    I liked the hand grenade that was thrown into the ring story better.

    Chickens with blades doesn't seem like a fowl but a hand grenade, that's just plain chicken shit.
    Awaiting the new order.

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    My rooster eyeing my Spyderco.
    I'll need to keep my eye on him from now on.

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    “Killed by Chicken” was a good click bait, and I bought it.


    But, “killed by a cock!”.............

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    Threads merged under the more descriptive title.
    Important rule change regarding political discussion here:

    Quote Originally Posted by UNM1136 View Post
    Maybe with talented students I would lube up with baby oil and then go at it.

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