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Thread: Winchester 70 Featherweight Compact and Ammo

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    Winchester 70 Featherweight Compact and Ammo

    Selling a NIB Winchester 70 Featherweight Compact in 308 and 140 rounds of Federal Fusion 180 gr 308 ammo.

    Bought both for a hunt that isnít happening. Would prefer to hold the ammo until the gun sells.

    $700 for the rifle
    $100 for the ammo
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    Bump with price drops

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    Bump...if my price on the M70 is high make me an offer. Worst Iíll say is no thank you.

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    Last bump before this goes on a consignment shelf. $650 for the rifle shipped to your FFL.

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    Okay one more. Last chance for offers before I take it to the gun shop Saturday.

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