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Thread: The Smith & Wesson Revolver Wishlist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jfpatch View Post
    The 6 shot is still there. Or at least was last week. We were discussing this last week....
    You're right, they are there still, you just can't get to the particular models easily via their new configurator. Very obscure now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyDuty View Post
    Any idea what the model numbers were?
    That sounds a lot like the current Model 60 3Ē thatís not from the PC line, just pre-lock.

    Edit: looks like this was answered long ago. I hate navigating forums on mobile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave T View Post
    Speaking of the S&W you come S&W refuses to bring out a 3" RB 10/13 or 64/65? Those are some of the most sought after S&Ws out there but they insist we buy some other "bung hole" infected model.

    They couldn't even manage a 3" barrel on the new 66. No they had to make it 2-3/4". A 66 RB 3", with the fixed sights as found on the Night Guard models (another missed opportunity in my mind) would have me thinking about buying a new S&W, something I am very dis-inclined to do.


    PS: I'm aware of the 3" Carry Comp 19 and considered getting one. I just don't like it enough to pay close to $1K for it.
    There was a Carry Comp at our local big box LGS a couple of months ago that sold for around eleven Benjamins new. I was tempted but did not want the porting so I passed.

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