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Thread: Stripping Cerakote, etc?

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    Stripping Cerakote, etc?

    I’ve passed on a couple of “good deals” because someone “expressed their personality” through coatings other than a rattle can.

    For future reference, how difficult is it to remove Cerakote, Duracoat, etc? It it just media blasting, using a wire wheel or is it more involved? More importantly, is it worth the effort? Or should I just have recoated in whatever color I wanted to begin with?
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    An ultrasonic cleaner will take Duracoat off but not as well with Cerakote. Media blasting takes either one off easily but will require complete disassembly and it will need to be refinished afterward.

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    You likely did the right thing by passing.

    A lot of times Cerakote is used to cover something nasty.

    If it wasn't properly applied Cerakote can sometimes be removed chemically. It it was done right it will require at a minimum soda blasting remove it.

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