American Tactical Shooting Instruction LLC
The Amtac Shooting Force on Force Course
2-3 December 2020 near Los Angeles, CA

Does your system work? How well will your shooting/ combatives hold up under pressure? The Amtac Force on Force course will help you answer those questions and also build on your existing skill set. This course will cover pistol/ combative/ blade fundamentals and then place you in mentally and physically challenging force on force scenarios. This is a physically demanding, hands on course that will elevate your situational awareness and shooting/ combative ability to the next level.
This is a Wednesday & Thursday course.

Burro Canyon Range
22100 E Fork Rd
Azusa, CA 91702

Course Contact Information
Bill Rapier

It looks like there's still a few slots available. I have no commercial relationship with Bill Rapier or AMTAC. Just sharing with the P-F community in case anyone is interested.