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Thread: RFI: Graphic Kydex Holsters

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    RFI: Graphic Kydex Holsters

    So I've seen a few holsters on PF and elsewhere with graphics on the kydex and I think I've just got to have one for myself and maybe for some gifts. The only maker I have seen so far is Insane Kydex Creations. Do we know of any others?

    From IKC
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    Not as graphic as I expected..Tom from DSG has used custom printed kydex for his stuff

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    These guys can make some wild looking holsters. Even better, the rigs are pretty decent, too.

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    IWB... with graphics. Hmm.

    (J/K, I get it.)

    Anyone using old-school Kydex holster methods (using sheets of polymer, heat, and pressure, rather than injection molding) can do this. Its done by using a light color polymer sheet, sandwiched to a printed pattern on paper using a sublimation ink.

    The heat during the molding process sublimates the printed ink on the paper and diffuses it into the polymer surface. The trick is gauging the print density, time, and temperature to get the right amount of ink to transfer, without screwing up the rest of the process.

    Same principle as those 1970s iron on patterns you could cut out of newspapers (comics?) and iron onto a polyester t-shirt.
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    These guys offer pre-molded shells in a big variety of colors and prints:

    I've used two of theirs to make holsters, was very easy, they're very high quality. Good stuff.

    One of them:
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    QVO tactical has some prints. I believe they use a fabric bonded to the kydex.

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    Tier 1 and LAS also do some prints.

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