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Thread: USPSA Production/CO Nationals 2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheby View Post
    Ben Stoeger initial classification was GM after his 1st match. It was a classifier match.
    Quote Originally Posted by dsa View Post
    He also practiced for this match for 6 months doing nothing but breaking down classifiers and what one needed to do to obtain a GM HF.
    Quote Originally Posted by cheby View Post
    More importantly, he was already a very good shooter before coming to USPSA. That is the whole point. There are some guys who progressed very quickly in USPSA. There are many reasons for that but the one is they were already very good. I have met quite a few people like that who came to the sport from different but related disciplines. If Ben was really new, he'd not make it in 6 months.
    Quote Originally Posted by dsa View Post
    I completely agree. It probably doesn't hurt that he is so obsessively driven.
    We're all different.
    Your trip is your own.
    Enjoy the ride.
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    He wrote that he is now switching to left hand.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Gio View Post
    I can confirm this. Honestly, this match was quite tough to shoot in production, but I felt it would have been reasonable with a dot and hi cap mags. In addition to what you highlighted about the target and array difficulty, I felt like I was going to a planned 10 rounds on multiple positions on nearly every stage. There was almost never more than 1 extra round for any position, which frequently included the difficult target presentations, mini poppers at a decent distance, or something else to trip you up. I have already seen a decline in production friendly stage design at locals due to the influx of PCC and CO, and having a nationals like this isn't going to help.

    Another thing that doesn't help with the growing production and CO participation disparity is how easy they made the classification hit factors for CO. For everything but the 19 series classifiers, they made CO high hit factors identical to production, which is crazy. It's much easier to shoot faster with good points with a dot, not to mention classifiers like 99-10 that would require a reload in production but don't in CO. Production still has a tremendous amount of heat at the top, but the middle to lower tiers of shooters are fleeing the division en masse.
    It was a very tough match, I think just looking at the percentage of points shot for the top finishers in production shows how hard it was.

    Also moving production so early in the year next year is probably going to make it like single stack at area and section matches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Les Pepperoni View Post
    Looks like Jacob Hetherington (AMU) won Production and Max Michel won CO!
    Congrats to @Gio for a top-10 finish (#10). Most excellent!

    1-Hetherington, Jacob (Tanfo) 100%
    2-Lane, Mason (Sig) 99
    3-Luna, Sal (CZ) 96%
    4-Racaza, Simon joseph (Beretta 92XPerf) 95%
    5-Jonasson, Nils (Glock) 95%
    6-Reed, Casey (Tanfo) 90%
    7-Strader, Phil (Sig) 90%
    8-Turner, Tyler 88%
    9-Coley, Shane (Glock) 87%
    10-Giovannini, Brian 86%
    11-Scott, Chris 86%
    12-Dupuy, Bryce (CZ) 85%
    13-Lutman, Stephen(CZ) 81%
    14-Fox, Jared(CZ) 81%
    15-Singleton, Garran (CZ) 80%
    16-Maskey, Russell (CZ) 80%

    In CO,

    1-Michel, Max (Sig) 100%
    2-Bradley, Jason (Canik) 94%
    3-Kim, Hwansik (Walther) 91%
    4-Griffith, Sean 90%
    5-Beal, Jay 2 (Glock) 90%
    6-Gries, Lane 2 (CZ P10F) 90%
    7-Emrich, Jeff 90%
    8-Eusebio, Kc 90%
    9-Ariss, Austin 89%
    10-Vlieger, John (CZ) 89%
    11-Mccamish, Travis 89%
    12-Cao, Luke 2 87%
    13-Nelson, Brian 87%
    14-Walden, Nick 87%
    15-Ferrer, Justin 86%
    16-Castro, Tom (Canik) 86%
    Added the ones I know in Red

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxj66 View Post
    Added the ones I know in Red
    Sean Griffith is also shooting a CZ.

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    Straight from the horse's mouth on why Ben wasn't at nationals this year.

    Skip to 7:08

    TLDW: He takes the game too seriously to put up with the quality of officiating.

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