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Thread: CCW Safe Discount code.

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    CCW Safe Discount code.

    ( Mods not sure where to put this so move or delete if its in the wrong spot)

    FYI for those who might be looking for concealed carry insurance, have a discount code for 10% off of any CCW Safe plan. KC10off. use and share that all you want.

    You can use the link in my signature line.

    This Does help my ammo habit FYI.
    Founder Of Keepers Concealment and Lead trainer. Affiliate of CCW Safe, Use discount code ( KC10off )Sign up here

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    I used your affiliate link a couple, three years back when I first joined up with them.

    (I'm currently in the HR 218 plan, which was established subsequent to my original plan.) Glad to have helped out with the ammo fund.
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    Thanks, @Prdator! I've been thinking about this for a while, and the discount code finally made the decision for me. I just put some ammo in your pocket.

    Hope to train with you at some time.
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    I finally got off my butt and did it. thanks for the final push.

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