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Thread: Eddie Van Halen-RIP

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    Eddie Van Halen-RIP

    Legendary rock guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, has died. He was 65.

    Van Halen's son, Wolf, confirmed the news on Tuesday.

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    Sad news. I saw them him and the group at the beginning of my senior year of HS, in the Fall on 1978, when they were just starting to get big.

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    Well, darn.

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    Saw Van Halen in September of 1986 at the Summit in Houston touring in support of the 5150 album. BTO opened. Then Van Halen took the stage. They put on one heck of a show.

    RIP Eddie Van Halen.

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    Saw them the first time in 1977 at a club in California, shortly before their debut album was released--amazing, mind blowing show.
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    One of the absolute greats, a giant even among other awesome guitarist has passed.
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    I though I lucked out. Got up to go get Brat the Third at school and instead of my usual local talk radio, I found I had left my radio on the local rock station with the funny morning know the one- all AC/DC all the time, except for the Def Lepard breaks. Van Halen was playing and I grooved out. Then another Van Halen song. Rocked out thinking "yeah! Two for Tuesday!" About 4 songs later the DJ broke the news...

    I never saw them live, but when my dad got remarried the step mom had MTV. 1984 was the hot album at the time, and heavy in the rotation.

    And his ex-wife is hawt.


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