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Thread: Target focused shooting with irons

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    90s tech I know, but I still prefer lasers for quick and accurate target-focused shooting (at least in all but the brightest daylight conditions). Holster interchangeability (and practical shooting rules prohibiting lasers) are the main drawbacks.

    I'm getting to the age where it takes me longer and longer to get a good hard focus on the front sight.

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    A few years ago I took a Frank Proctor class, and as I recall, he gave several different methods of using irons, but overall recommended a focus that allowed you to see everything at once. Now for me, I took that as more of a target focus with the sights in the foreground. Once you have proper alignment for the shot you have to take, then go.

    I do remember him saying that sometimes he would actually focus on the rear sight, using the notch as a window, so to speak. When he saw what he needed through the window (the front sight adequately lined up over the target) he would fire.

    Now after watching the man shoot, I am convinced that he is able to process what he sees much faster than I can, but that was kind of my start on more of a target focus with irons. It was also before I went over to optics on pistols as well. Now that I have become target focused (as best I can) I find myself shooting my irons the same way.
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    I'm still processing this concept through my head.

    Did another visit to the indoor range yesterday, but this time I took my carry (P365X) and competition (P365 X Macro), as well as my Ruger 22/45 with a new Truglo FO on it.

    Results were consistent with previous range trip, i.e. not bad. Both my P365 slides have Ameriglo orange/tritiums and stock rears. I was able to put good groups together at 7 (inside the black of NRA B-8), and ok (well, for me) at 15, using target focus only. All I saw was the B-8, very sharp, framed inside the rear aperture, with a splash of color representing the front sight. If I saw that, I pressed, watching where the round landed. So this proceeded at a decent pace, easily inside of 10 seconds for the 10 round groups, but I wasn't on the timer, to be fair.

    For example, the X Macro at 15:
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    I had the P365X fcu in the 10 round grip module today; did not like. I didn't like it dry, but was considering moving to pocket carry for the summer with it, so I thought I'd try it out on the range. Ick. It felt very squirmy shooting. I need to put it back in the XL grip.

    The X Macro I was really happy with, I enjoy shooting it.

    The Truglo FO on the 22/45 was meh, I never see FO sights well indoors. Outdoor, sure. I need to go find some traffic cone orange to brighten up that dull red nail polish I have on there now. But eh I dunno; I mean heck all I see is a blob of color anyway. Hmm.

    All in all I have to say this has been a pretty interesting exercise. If I find some change down in the couch cushions I will pick up an optic and report back on the results with it.
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