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Thread: EricP's Reloading Journal

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    EricP's Reloading Journal

    • Dillon 650:
    • 9mm:
    • S&S Casting 135 gr. Round Nose, Coated
    • Alliant Powder Pistol, 4.8-5.2 gr.:
    • Dillon sizing, Redding micrometer seating, Lee Factory Crimp:
    • CCI 500:
    • 1.150":
    • See chart:
    • USPSA and general practice ammo:
    • Power Pistol has a pretty impressive flash.:
    • Coated lead bullets need more case expansion then the jacketed Precision Delta bullets that I have used for years. Lack of data on 135 gr. bullets:
    • Knocks down steel with authority.:

    As mentioned above, there isn't a lot of published data on 135 gr. bullets in 9mm. I averaged 124 and 147 data, compared it to a spreadsheet I found on Brian Enos, and used a fairly forgiving powder. No pressure signs were encountered. I would say that this is a pretty warm load at 5.2 gr. and hotter than I was expecting.

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    Power Pistol - 5.0 gr.
    Max 1092
    Min 1058
    Average 1075.4
    StDev 10.47960983
    Ex Spd 34

    Power Pistol - 5.2 gr
    Max 1107
    Min 1084
    Average 1099.2
    StDev 6.713171133
    Ex Spd 23

    * Chrono data - 10 round strings

    I loaded 200 rounds for a USPSA match on Saturday at a reduced load of 4.8 gr. I don't have chronograph data on that. The trend line on the chart above says it should be about 1050 fps. This is still ~125 fps faster than necessary for minor power factor, but I won't have time to chronograph a new load before Area 7 this coming week. I will not have any concerns about the chrono stage.

    Further load development is necessary.

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    • Dillon 650
    • 9mm
    • Precision Delta 124 gr. FMJ
    • Alliant Power Pistol:
    • Dillon sizing, Redding or Lee seating, Lee Factory Crimp :
    • CCI 500:
    • 1.145"(COAL):
    • See Table:
    • General practice load:
    • Power Pistol has an impressive flash:
    • N/A:
    • I've shot 10's of thousands of these. Will make minor power factor out of a 4" barrel:

    Max 1068
    Min 1028
    Average 1046.2
    StDev 10.25773136
    ExSpd 40

    * 20 round string, 5" barrel data

    This is a much tamer load than the one above. Reducing COAL to 1.135 will tighten standard deviation and extreme spread. 1.135" will chamber in a my very short throated Shadow 2.

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