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Thread: Real life friends who are idiots on Facebook

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0ddl0t View Post
    I seem to be that person...

    PS: Why is the "midwest" in the eastern half of the continental US?

    I am pretty tame on FB, and in real life too--but this particular issue bothers me to no end, and no one else really seems to care nearly as much as I do!

    It makes absolutely no sense, and even if it did make sense at some point--150+ years ago, why would we continue to use it? Moving from the west (CA) to Colorado (which is sorta centralish but at least reasonably could be considered mid-westish) did nothing to clear up the confusion.

    Back on topic: I too have that one FB friend who goes off on cringy rants. He's a good guy. Years ago I got him into IDPA. He retired and moved to NH to be part of some conservative utopia which never really went anywhere. Thankfully, it's only occasional, but when he gets triggered I just wonder what my other friends think.

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    Facebook has (unintentionally) provided a way to filter out people who donít really belong in your life. If people are extremists or totally driven by emotion and not reason, I donít need to voluntarily associate with them.

    Iíve only had to unfriend about four people and they were all peripheral acquaintances and not friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterb View Post
    From an article I was reading today:

    ďAlthough Twitter and Facebook have become more active in removing or flagging misinformation, inflammatory and divisive content is too essential to their business models for them to fully root it out.Ē

    Sounds about right. More outrage = more views = more advertising revenue. Itís not a bug, itís a feature.
    Even that drives more posting, with lots of "FB took this down" type post.
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    I solved the problem of IRL friends and Facebook by not having either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Borderland View Post
    True dat, but I haven't made any friends here.
    Quote Originally Posted by JAD View Post
    Me neither. My friends in law enforcement call that a clue.
    Just for that Iím going to add you two to my Ďfriends listĒ or what ever itís called on here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awp_101 View Post
    I solved the problem of IRL friends and Facebook by not having either.

    Just for that Iím going to add you two to my Ďfriends listĒ or what ever itís called on here.
    Thanks, I guess.
    Barely tolerating the insurgency.

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    I've got some friends on Facebook who are there to literally remind of just how good my life actually is. These people are just complete train wrecks that provide me with the quality entertainment I can only find on late night Springer reruns. And I'm not sorry about it one bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casual Friday View Post
    If you have the time, the new documentary on Netflix called the social dilemma is worth the watch.
    I watched this last weekend and really enjoyed it. As someone who works in the tech industry and sees first hand how much data can be collected and mined, I find most of what was presented to be credible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ER_STL View Post
    I watched this last weekend and really enjoyed it. As someone who works in the tech industry and sees first hand how much data can be collected and mined, I find most of what was presented to be credible.
    It's rather telling that many CEOs and higher ups in these tech fields like Steve Jobs and those in the documentary don't allow their children to have smart phones or social media.

    One that I read about elsewhere didn't even have the internet in his home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob_s View Post
    Social media will be our undoing in many levels. Knowing ore than we ever should about what goes on in the minds of our own friends is one of them.

    Iím sure Iíve shared this story before...

    In the early 2000s I started shooting with a local IDPA club. It was great. Everyone got along, but then we really only saw each other on average 2x a month and even then it was hard to hold a conversation what with the ear protection and loud noises and all. This was also something like club #2 of all IDPA clubs.

    Then they added a forum to the club website.

    Turns out, every single one of them (us?) was a complete and utter nutbag. One was an insane militia type (who I hear now lives in the woods with others of his ilk). One was a disgraced former pool company tractor who turned out to be lying about being a lawyer. Some were even democrats! Then some folks started using the forum to air club dirty Lau dry, rallying other dipshits to their cause, creating strife where heretofore there had been none. People were suddenly indignant about issues they didnít even know existing 6 months prior.

    All of a sudden, we all knew way too much about one another. Everyone was great friends on the range and at the bar afterwards, where the limited opportunities for communication pretty much limited our talk to the subject we all had in common (shooting), but once we had broader access to the opinions and thoughts of one another. The club very nearly imploded!

    I have several close friends that I keep on ďignoreĒ on facebook. For one thing, Iím rather embarrassed for them about the volume of their posts, and for another the content of said posts can be equally embarrassing, and for a third the fact that they seem to think that their rants in Facebook are having any sort of positive outcome is perhaps the most embarrassing.
    I've been on a boat or at my cabin for a week or ten days now and so haven't participated much but I think this post is pretty bang on. It's surprising just how toxic lots of people's internal monologue seems to be. My mom is a bit of a nutcase on FB, actually...she seems to spend a lot of time arguing with random strangers and it's much more vitriolic than I'd have guessed.

    I joined the local group for the little town where I live now and rapidly realized it was a's all housewives karenning and sniping at each other. I think I find it weird because I'm pretty much "what you see is what you get" and I don't think people who know me in person find my online presence at all surprising. And I think people who know me online probably aren't surprised when they meet me in person. You get what you get and I try to keep my social media presence tuned to a fair representation of who I am, I guess with the exception that for a long time, I was playing in gnarly rock bands etc and as such spent a lot of time in scummy bars and just openly choosing to go stupid places with stupid people to do stupid things and I tried not to let on about any of that online, just in case. Now I don't do that stuff so much and ironically I am more inclined to just admit that I'm a well-meaning, mild train wreck of a human being.

    Anyway I do think the above descripition is just 100% take perfectly reasonable in-person people and hook a loudspeaker up to their brains and wow, pretty ugly stuff in there.
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