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Thread: Watch this commercial

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    I have been eyeing several Sako rifles, for a while, some at a couple of Texas firearms emporiums’ sites, and, of course, looking at Sako’s website. I appreciate that some models are available with left-hand actions, which is important if I am going to use a scope, and also that some have really nice, highly-visible iron sights, which are “ambi-eyed” for me. (My left-eye dominance is not a factor, if the rear sight is an open notch, and well out there, on the barrel.)
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    I need another bolt gun like I need a hole in my head. But now I'm really wanting a Model 85 Arctos in 9.3x62mm. Gorgeous rifles, walnut and blued steel hasn't appealed to me at all... until now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleLebowski View Post
    Significant shrinkage.
    and a good way to die...

    A buddy of mine is a brown bear guide and has carried a Sako 75 synthetic stainless in .375 H&H with the barrel lopped down to 20" I'm first on his list if he ever decides to sell it. I doubt he will.

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    My experience with Sako is limited to mostly the Quad and P94S rimfires, but every Sako rifle I have fired has been well worth the asking price. A Bavarian carbine in .243 is on my list of "someday" firearms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    An extra 2k+ to spend on rifle frippery...


    Yeah yeah. How many times you going to live?

    You know, I remember that FN FNC at a gun show 25 years ago. Guy wanted $1500 for it but I passed. Never saw it again (and I was a regular gun show nut in those days).

    I kick myself EVERY TIME I think about it.

    Something to think about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    I get a chub when I think about the Sako Bavarian .308 at my favorite LGS. It’s still there, too.
    Go buy that rascal and you’ll have wood!
    (Pun intended)

    Quote Originally Posted by Suvorov View Post
    Yeah yeah. How many times you going to live?

    Something to think about.

    A good friend passed after a long bout with cancer last year. The day of his funeral UPS delivered a box of parts from Brownell’s. I’m waiting on his wife to hold a seance so she can get in the last word.

    This year I’ve picked up a 114 year old Type B Mauser in 8x57 and a CZ SxS 12ga both of which I’ve wanted for decades.
    You only go around once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    An extra 2k+ to spend on rifle frippery...


    Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest. - Mark Twain

    All generalizations are incorrect, including this one.

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    That is about the manliest thing I have seen since the old Gerber knife commercial.

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    A PSA worth watching--probably now politically incorrect

    I get students to send me images/videos at the end of my propaganda module with a description of how it "spoke to them". This is one a student sent a link to that she described as "convincing me that these actions were correct and that I should do to help others and myself, so I can have that clear conscience."

    I would like to point out that while BLM probably wouldn't approve, the student who sent this link was a black female....
    I wrote the Dune series because I had this idea that charismatic leaders ought to come with a warning label on their forehead: May be dangerous to your health.

    Frank Herbert

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