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Thread: Is 10+1 Rounds Enough?

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    Tom said ďa 1911 45 is a two bad guy Gun and Memphis is a three bad guy town.Ē

    At the time he was carrying GL35 .40 I believe.

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    I think there are two issues here:

    1) you shoot HKs better than Glocks.

    2) your preferred HK is 10 rounds versus 15 rounds in a your preferred Glock

    Basically, does the extra capacity of the Glock outweigh your increased performance with the HK?

    I would say that if you're concerned about it, try an HK P30/P30SK/USPC/P2000 to get the best of both worlds. Alternately, devote the effort needed to shoot the Glock as well or better than the HK.

    I'm an accuracy guy, so for me I'd stick with the HK over the Glock for the increased performance. Then focus my efforts getting even better with the HK.

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    I carry what I shoot well... and fits in my pants comfortably, discreetly and safely.

    That criteria typically precludes a full-size/double-stack gun, as well as most teeny tiny pistols that are difficult to shoot well. So, there's compromises on both ends of the spectrum... and that usually leaves me with a single stack, ranging in size from a Kahr K9 to a Sig P239 (or occasionally a P245, if I want to put gigantic holes in things). The latter is about the biggest gun I want to carry IWB.

    I feel like I have what I need to defend myself with 7 or 8 rounds that I know I can place well. I definitely don't feel like I'm missing out by not carrying a 15-round gun. But that's just me. If I lived and worked in more dangerous areas, maybe I'd feel differently? But I guess my take on carry is to be able to get myself out of trouble... not win a protracted gunfight. But I do typically bring an extra mag or two... just in case...

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    I carry either nine rounds of 45 ACP or ten rounds of 38 Super in a 1911. The way I feel about it is that more rounds would be better, but not enough to offset my confidence with the 1911. Not in a "1911s are superior" sort of way, but rather in a "this is what I know and I'm old and stuck in my ways plus my 1911s always work" sort of way.

    Make your choice based on what you are most confident in using should it be necessary. If you decide the additional capacity is enough of a priority to get you to switch, then commit to training enough with the new pistol to get to the same level of confidence with it.

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    If you are more confident and more importantly competent with the 45C I would just go with that.

    That said, have you verified the better performance with the 45C for both time and accuracy I.e. better scores and better times on drills ?

    The G19 and 45C are two different operating systems IME with a group of 700 shooters of varying skills and interest shooting both Sigs and Glocks (or both)! the best results have been picking one operating system and sticking with it. The Glock and the HK LEM systems in particular require an sort of monogamy to shoot at a high level.

    Monetary Cost aside, there is a time and control penalty to shooting 40 and 45. Shot to shot times on multiple targets are normally longer with larger calibers. This time penalty is also seen shooting one handed which is a thing in the real world.

    If you shoot the 45C better you may want to try a P2000 or USPC in 9mm as a G19 replacement. While they only hold 13 rounds to the 10 in the 45C, you may find your issues with 9mm are Glock related and not caliber related.
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    OP, How do you define "shoot it better"? Slow-fire "bullseye" type shooting or multiple hit/multiple target timed drills? What about one handed shooting?

    I ask because I've had quite a few people tell me they shot a G21 or G22, or whatever duty sized pistol whose caliber starts with a "4", better than a G17. In slow fire, that appears to be true. But when I put them on a timer and have them run Bill Drills/The Half Test/El Presidente/Failure Drills/FAST, etc., it isn't. Timed drills can be very revealing.

    As to your question, my EDC is a G17/G19 depending on dress, even though I shoot my M&P45 midsize (10+1) more accurately in slow fire. In the drills mentioned above, it's G17 > G19 > M&P45. I'm sure there are folks that can shoot a similar sized .45 better than 9mm in these types of drills, but I'm not one of them.

    I'm also of the belief that more rounds means more opportunities/time in fight. For random violence, that's probably not an issue, but since I can carry high a capacity 9mm as easily as a lower capacity pistol (i.e. G48), I choose capacity. (There were times when I was in a lose-my-job NPE where I had to make do with a CM9 or even an LCP in a pocket as primary, but those times are over).

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    Wait until the elections are over, you may have as good as it gets.

    I've also noticed that around here .45 acp is about the same price as 9mm with slightly better availability.

    Who knows how long that continues, but if I had a good supply of .45 I'd feel pretty good about it.

    The glory days might be behind us.

    If my 10 round .45 doesn't feel like enough, I'd be tempted to add a second or third gun.( the G19 would fit right in)

    And if I have a reliable vetted automatic right now, I'd hold what I got.....

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    I see some recommending a P30 or P2000, both great options. However, youíre already proficient with the HK45, and (especially these days) have on hand and better access to .45 ACP ammo to retain or improve said proficiency. Youíre willing to go the extra mile carrying the larger magazine and spare magazines on hand.

    Iím truly getting the ďif it ainít broke, donít fix itĒ vibe here.

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    Facts matter...Feelings Can Lie

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    I'm all for capacity but is there a single documented case of a civilian dying because they ran out of ammo? We've already mentioned Kyle Rittenhouse being surrounded by mad dog leftists and he fired, what, seven rounds? Meanwhile, the Patriot Prayer guy who was murdered was rolling with a Glock 17 and three 17-round spare mags and he died with the gun in his holster.

    Capacity is good but it's probably not the reason you're going to win or lose. If you're going to switch guns, do it so you don't get a hernia from lugging around three spare mags of .45 ACP.

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