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Thread: Current Form 4 processing time?

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    I bought a can on 10/20/21. Just came in for 9 months 9 days or 282 days.

    Havenít yet picked it up. One down and a few to go.

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    I have a form 4 pending for a GemTech Tracker. My check was cashed on February 24, 2021. I am hoping to get it in September. We'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CleverNickname View Post
    Yeah the dealer dropped the ball, but it's not difficult to figure out about how long the ATF should take to process the forms, and then give either the dealer or the the NFA branch or both a call, if your transfer is taking more time than that.
    I ordered a rifle from a dealer and called 2 months later to check on it. They didn't have any record that I ordered anything. Out of business now.
    In the P-F basket of deplorables.

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    YHM Turbo K bought in a trust through Silencer Shop (well, transferred to them for the paperwork). Check cashed 12/24 and picked it up today. 219 days.

    Last one was 168. Hope the trend doesnít continue for the one I bought in May . . .

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    So I got three cans in in a week if you include the one above. Strange.

    #2: 273 days (9 months)
    #3: 320 days (10 months 17 days)

    Crazy that all three come in in a 5 day period.

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    Finally signed the Form 4 today and gave them my money. The Countdown beginsÖ guess that means June 2022 I will have my can.

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