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Thread: Current Form 4 processing time?

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    My E-Form 1 finally cleared after 5 months. Danís approval gives me hope that my Form 4, submitted about the same time, will clear before the March timeframe I had estimated.

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    The weird thing about trying to predict ATF processing is it really doesnít matter what people have gotten back recently since they donít seem to process backlogs and new submissions at the same rate. I got my form 1SG back in 2-3 weeks while people who had them in a few weeks before me ended up waiting months.

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    My FFL just received my stamp (dated 12/5) for a Form 4 submitted on 4/8/2020 for a Colt 6933 SBR. It probably would have been late October/early November, but there was a correction needed for the model number.

    Now the wait for the KAC QDC thatís going to live on it...

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    Silencer Shop individual Form 4 - purchase 6/6/20
    ATF check cashed - 7/10/20
    Gun shop received stamp - 1/2/20

    Shop doesnít open back up until Monday!

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    Surefire RC2 and CGS mod 9sk checks cashed 3/20 : status still waiting..
    Omega 9k check cashed 4/20 : rícd call from my FFL 1/2/21 that stamp came in ... strange this is ready for pickup considering it was cashed one month later than the two above

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    Submitted via Silencer Shop kiosk in May 8th 2020
    SOT received approved Form 4 back on Feb 1st 2021

    A full-house Vang 870 SBS, previously owned by the Phoenix police department Special Assignments Unit (i.e. SWAT)

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