I've taken Chuck Haggard's OC Spray/Less Lethal Weapons/Street Encounters Tactics twice, taken MDFI's When a Gun is Not an Option once, and been sprayed in the military twice.

Normally, I carry a Sabre Red MK 6 cannister based on Chuck's recommendation and sometimes a Sabre Red SKU: F15-PROC-02. As a runner I had one Sabre Red MK 6 cannister lose the red activator button on its second run.

I was recently researching POM OC Spray, considering giving it a try based on recommendations from Chuck and one actual use case I'd read. I noticed in the Amazon reviews a very small number of customers reporting that upon testing the units that they didn't spray, were weak spraying, or the cannister shells separating.

So, I'm wondering what (or if) is a good Operational Test Procedure and, if there is one, what is the periodicity? I don't recall this being covered in the classes and my Googling really didn't lead to what I was seeking.

happy OC spraying, Jerry