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Thread: Choosing Extended Mags in USPSA P?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post
    Do you find that your 17 round mags and mag release get buggered from repeated insertion? If you're gentle with your mag insertions, it should be ok, but when you slam one in that's a lot of force on the mag ledge and release. Sig p320s can be permanently damaged by over insertion of mags (bends non-replaceable ejector).

    I would be more inclined to use a longer mag extension on a G19 mag if you are trying for longer mags. But if that's the problem, maybe you need a bigger gun?
    This is not an entirely bad point. I personally have never had nor noticed a problem with this, but I generally have had a dedicated game G19 and set of G17 mags (I think I usually rolled out with 10?) and while I never had an issue I also never looked to see if there was one developing either.

    If someone already had a batch of G19 game mags, and was going to have to buy a replacement set of G17 mags I might be inclined to go with extensions too.

    I assume that even the +4/5 of something like this would still fit in the box? And would be both Production (loaded only to ten still) and Limited legal, and even CCO legal, should someone decide to stray later?

    Is there a more betterer or equal gooder-but-less-expensiver option out there? Does a +2/3 get one to G17 length?
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    @RJ back when I shot USPSA matches regularly I used to shoot with an LEO who always shot a glock 19
    out of his duty gear because his work gun was a glock 19 too. He was a solid A class shooter. @GJM posted recently about a dude who is shooting with USPSA a glock 26 and kicking ass. Since you’re there for self improvement I say local matches are a perfect place to experiment to see what size mags work best as reloads for you.

    While I’ve gone full gamer in Archery one thing I always enjoyed about shooting competitions was running the same gun I wore to and from matches. (Back then that was a 1911 I added a beaver tail and higher viz sights too). Or the same rifle or shotgun I had in the closet for social purposes.
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