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Thread: Lipseys Glock P80

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    Lipseys Glock P80

    Lipsey’s Goes Back To Where It All Began With Retro P80 9mm Exclusive
    Baton Rouge, La.—Lipsey’s, the nation’s premier firearms distributor, has unveiled the new Lipsey’s Exclusive GLOCK P80. A historical reproduction of the original, innovative GLOCK pistol adopted by the Austrian Army in 1982.

    In 1981, Gaston Glock assembled a team of engineers and designed his first firearm. The result was submitted to the Austrian Army pistol trials and won the contract in 1982. The Army then designated the first GLOCK as the Pistole 80. These guns were later known commercially as “G17s” and were only available in the US market for two years until the “Gen2” model was introduced in 1988. P80 marked GLOCKs were never imported into the United States.
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    Complete with Tupperware... I love it.

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    Now it just needs some front serrations, and some lightning cuts and a red dot cut, maybe a magwell....
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    If they are $279 bucks like the first Glock I saw in the 80s I will buy one

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    Neat. The one I had was a very good gun, I would swap my present Gen 4 for it back in a heartbeat.

    I wonder just how Gen 1 this gun really is under the old pebbled butt.

    The Glock Collectors Association says
    "The GLOCK P80 is true to the original but with some modern updates."
    but does not give details of those updates. I hope nothing more than the original 6 part recall.


    GCA says
    The P80 is the model name given to the GLOCK 17 by the Austrian Military. The P80 or Pistole 80 is the first pistol GLOCK ever delivered to a military organization. The reintroduced GLOCK P80 is the same as a GLOCK model 17 Gen 1 pistol except for the rollmark indicating "P80" on the left side of the slide and internal upgrades. In my opinion, the GLOCK P80 is GLOCK in its purest from. It was the pistol that introduced us to GLOCK.
    For those who want to know the differences between the new P80 and an original Model 17 Gen 1 here are the details:
    The P80’s have polygonal rifling.
    The trigger mechanism is the same as the Gen 3 which is basically the same as the Gen 1.
    It will work with any generation of magazines. It comes with Gen 3 mags
    Sights are the same as a Gen 3 pistol. All generations of sights are basically the same.
    The new P80's do not have the 13.5mm “pencil barrel” like the very first P80’s. Late manufactured P80’s, around 1986 and later, had the thicker 14mm barrel.
    GLOCK made a new extractor that is flat like the originals for the new P80’s.
    GLOCK made a new mold that duplicates the original Gen 1 mold. The original had been re-purposed in the early 90’s.
    The "Tupperware" box is a Gen3 style box.

    Brochure shown at
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyDuty View Post
    Complete with Tupperware... I love it.
    But not the original suicide box.
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    One of my longtime wants is one of the original Gen1 G19s. This would be a great opportunity for them (me).

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    I sorta want this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totem Polar View Post
    I sorta want this...
    Yeah me too.

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    Take my $!

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