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Thread: Airline tell FAM he canít board with American flag mask

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    If you are offended by the american flag - go fuck yourself. But I thought the whole idea of a FAM was to be the gray man; not to wear the shoot me first mask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poconnor View Post
    If you are offended by the american flag - go fuck yourself. But I thought the whole idea of a FAM was to be the gray man; not to wear the shoot me first mask.
    Sometimes looking like a ďnormalĒ traveler could be effective camouflage. Blend in with your environment and donít look too serious. Isnít part of being the grey man going to be driven by where you are and whoís around?

    As for your first point - agree completely. Itís not like America is east Berlin. You donít like it here? Get the fuck out. We arenít forcing anyone to stay.

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    I totally agree about blending in. That also means no target indicators. No jewelry , expensive sunglasses or watches. No emblems, ball caps, sport logos, brand labels (unless you are specifically wearing a brand or label tied to the location. or any other identifying marks.
    I was assigned to a plain clothes robbery detail along time ago. We had shitty cars from local auto auction. I didnít shave, jeans, hoodie, old ball cap and an old army field jacket was my look. I carried a 14Ē 870 SBS under my coat. I thought I was blending - slouched down in a shitty car until a black family parked next to me. A four year boy said ďMomma, thereís a white man in the car.Ē His mom didnít miss a beat. She just said ďdonít pay the police man no mindĒ

    sometimes you just canít blend in
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambo View Post
    Be careful, pun master @blues might take offense.
    I cut him some slack...even though "professional courtesy" no longer seems to be much of a thing these days.
    Every day I convince myself that I can't be any more disgusted by what I see our country willingly turning itself into...
    ...and then wake up the next morning only to find just how wrong I was...

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    FAM was probably wondering why he chose a job where he had to spend his working hours in a pressurized aluminum tube that recirculates the air of passengers who have C19. Maybe carrying that around in his head all day prompted his response. I had a few of those days toward the end of my 30 years with a gov't agency. Not a lot of sympathy from management either. I was clearly wrong after looking back on it, as he was. Just do the damn job or move on. That's about all I can say. Has nothing to do with the American flag IMO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocGKR View Post
    Frontier's response does not make logical sense, as according to the NAPO letter the FAM did put on the mask supplied by Frontier and then re-applied the original flag mask/gaiter on top, but was still denied boarding. If it was simply an issue of the flag mask/gaiter not being the correct type according to Frontier's policy, then wearing the flag mask/gaiter over the top of the mask supplied by Frontier should have resolved the issue....

    This is where @TGS's comment about being the FAM probably being a douchebag applies. Putting on the gaiter over the airline's mask should have resolved the issue, unless he had been a cock the whole time, and the gate agent decided to give it back to him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Poconnor View Post
    But I thought the whole idea of a FAM was to be the gray man; not to wear the shoot me first mask.
    It is, but you guys again with your "shoot me first" ridiculousness. Now the US flag sets you apart as a wannabe sheepdog that the jihadis will eliminate first in a critical dynamic incident? (On a domestic flight. Wearing the US flag in some areas of the world is a bad idea.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hambo View Post
    If I were a FAM, and the gate agent didn't like something about me, I'd make as little fuss as possible so I could continue my job, which is to protect passengers, not get offended.
    Quote Originally Posted by Le FranÁais View Post
    Common misconception.
    I may regret asking this, but if that's not the task, what is?
    I had a premonition that he should not go alone.

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    Iím not linking the american flag with the sheep dog concept. I was just trying to point out that none of us know who or what the threat will be so why stand out? IIRC terrorists in past have collected passports and selected victims by the nation on the passport. Or was that just a movie? I do remember terrorists murdering elderly American Leon Klinghoffer in a wheel Chair. Why? Those terrorist did collect passports and said they wanted to execute an american first.

    From wiki ďas 3:00 p.m. neared, the terrorists began to decide whom to kill by shuffling the U.S., British, and Austrian hostages' passports. They selected Leon Klinghoffer to be killed first. Several reasons have been put forward that may have contributed to why Klinghoffer was chosen. Earlier in the hijacking, he had refused to be silent when gunmen took his watch and cigarettes, becoming brusque and complaining in his slurred speech which antagonized some of the hijackers though one of them gave Klinghoffer his possessions back. Additionally, Klinghoffer was Jewish and American, and his wheelchair made him both hard to move around the ship and meant his extended absence from the main group was less likely to trigger a chain reaction of resistance among the surviving hostages. One of the hijackers, Molqi, later gave a statement on why he was chosen: "I and Bassm [al-Ashker] agreed that the first hostage to be killed had to be an American. I chose Klinghoffer, an invalid, so that they would know that we had no pity for anyone, just as the Americans, arming Israel, do not take into consideration that Israel kills women and children of our people."

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    Anyone seen Jackdog 'round here lately? Seems he might have something relevant to add here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suvorov View Post

    I have a few friends at Frontier who are patriotic Americans of the highest order, it is sad how the actions of a few bad employees can make a whole group look bad.

    It earlier times, Iím sure the airline would apologize and discipline the workers involved - today not so much.

    I will add that it takes a particularly miserable fucktard of a gate agent to pull this kind of attitude with a FAM.
    Atlanta gate agent. Hmmm.
    "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master"

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