Hello all, this is an announcement for a Team Match Clinic that my partner Greg Hamilton and myself (Sean Murphy) are offering. This particular weekend will be focused on Mammoth Sniper Challenge and Bushnell Elite Sniper Challenge preparations. It was our goal to offer this at least 3 months out so that teams could identify things to work on, improve and get a little better feel for what they'll be up against going into these matches. This weekend is designed around both team members attending.

For far more in-depth info on the course here's a link: http://practicalsharpshooter.com/teamclinicpiggriver/
For more info on who we are and our success with these types of competitions: http://practicalsharpshooter.com/sgconcepts/

Our Team Match Clinic is a training event designed to prepare a two-man team for matches that involve challenging rifle shooting, including finding, ranging and engaging targets on the clock, timed movements and other team challenges. Training Day 1 will focus on preparing the individual team members, gear selection, team preparation and basics of teamwork. At the end of TD1, we will camp on-site for a gear shake-down. Training Day 2 will be focused on pushing the team to perform with a variety of shooting challenges modeled after some of today’s popular team events, including a sample 2-mile ruck.

Price: $800 per team ($400 per person)

Dates & Location: October 3-4, 2020 at PIGG River Precision, Virginia - Optional Pistol Refresher on Friday afternoon with enough interest (no extra cost, just time and ammo)

Topics Covered:
Rifle and Equipment Essentials
Team Communication and Finding Efficiency
Team Wind Strategy
Target Detection and Acquisition
Stage and Match Planning
Effective Use of Laser Rangefinders
Positional and Obstacle Shooting Primers (focused on lighter-weight rifles)
Tripod Shooting and Support Use
Stage and Match Strategies to Maximize Points
Surviving a Multi-Day Competition
Rucking/Times Movements Discussion & Sample 2-Mile Timed Movement
Optional Handgun Refresher on Friday afternoon

Weapon Systems:
Precision Bolt-Action or Semi-Auto Rifles – approx 250 rounds per shooter
Semi-automatic Pistol (service type) – approx 50 rounds per shooter, or 250 rounds per shooter with optional Friday afternoon refresher

This is not a basic class. Students should have basic to intermediate level competency with precision rifles and familiar with support equipment.

Liability and COVID Waivers for the facility and SG Concepts will be required before the start of the class.
We will be monitoring all requirements related to social distancing and gatherings as required by local/state/federal governments. The venue has been chosen to enable appropriate distancing and other events have/will take place under the current guidelines.