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Thread: Another TQ option

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    Another TQ option

    DISCLAIMER: I have no vested interest or affiliation with any of the companies, goods, items, or videos talked about below. this is for informational purposes only.

    Good morning. I did not want to deviate from the "TQ carry option" thread. I am a "First Responder", certified for my department and I have taken several TECC training courses. I was researching TQ's and other gear and came upon the SICH Tourniquet less than a year ago. I am looking to purchase several to put in my "GO Bag" along with the CAT Gen 7's I have. One of the main reasons I am considering the SICH Tourniquet is for the pediatric role. The SICH Tourniquet can be cinched down small enough for children. The CAT Tourniquets do not get small enough in circumference for small children. My, soon to be, 6 year old daughter is petite and the CAT's are not a viable option and I do not care for the SWAT-T's all that much. At best, the SWAT-T's are a back up option.

    In the previous thread, TGS wrote:

    Unfortunately I can't find a cite for the 4 month. I do have this to give you which is a military medical article to support a 4 month recommendation. CATs in the 5-6 month range were found to suffer a breakage 43% of the time compared to 5% for unweathered, fresh in packaging CAT TQs. Keep in mind that "breakage" for the study not only includes plastic physically breaking, but failures to occlude bloodflow because of excessive turns required...that accounts for straps weathering as well, not just windlasses breaking.

    The article doesn't make the 4 month recommendation specifically, and it simply says to carry them 1) in the wrapper and 2) inside an IFAK, not externally. That's obviously not an acceptable practice for individual users who actually need a TQ. Keep in mind that the 10-year service life on the CAT as mandated by the US Army Surgical Institute is a shelf life and only applicable to it being preserved in the plastic wrap. I think some institutions/management teams get tied up on that and think it means something that it's not.

    So, sorry I couldn't give you a "NAR says XYZ" documentation, but hopefully you can write an informed memo using this. For the SOFT-TW TQs that I carry externally, I keep them in covered/flapped pouches that shield the TQ.

    ETA: I am the liaison/contact for the company sized paramilitary police element performing force protection at our installation. When I did a drill with them, I inquired about tourniquets.....even these guys "get it", and give up an AK mag pouch or stripper clip pouch (for those carrying SKSs) to carry their American supplied CAT TQ.
    The SICH Tourniquet does not have any plastic parts in its construction which would possibly do away with the short service life, time wise, due to plastic parts failing due to exposure to the elements.

    The SICH Tourniquet (Ukrainian) appears to combine attributes of both the CAT Tourniquet and The SOFT-W Tourniquet. The SICH Tourniquet has no plastic parts. The following videos show the ruggedness and durability of the tourniquet.

    I hope this information helps those that are looking for options and alternatives.

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    Looks like an excellent combination of the CAT and SOF-TW, as you noted.

    I still have a preference for the SOFTT-W since it doesn't rely on velcro to hold tension, but I bought two of these to give them a try.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Edit: a possible option doesn't do what I thought.
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