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Thread: Pistols (and pistol mounted optics) I saw this week

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOTS View Post
    If he got the class paid for by the agency or another = Legend!!
    Naw, like me when I was going as a student, he paid the tuition. At least they covered the ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erick Gelhaus View Post
    While I can’t say it won’t change, my plan of having the students shoot grouping, then offsets, then a permission/good enough exercise followed by working the presentation in reverse before starting into occluded optics seems to flow well. And, most importantly, produces good results.
    Can confirm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erick Gelhaus View Post
    Just finished a Gunsite #499 advanced pistol class this week. Temps were in the 60s to 80s with rain. The round count was about 1150 ball with another 200+/- of frangible.

    The Vortex Venom failed on day #2 with a broken windage adjustment – after being zeroed. The student shifted to two other iron sight guns for the rest of the week;
    That's pretty disappointing. I've only had one Vortex optic but it was pretty decent, if lower-mid end. I'd expect them to be tough enough to outlast a couple range days.
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    Had two more front BUUS come loose yesterday at work. One was loose in the dovetail and one disappeared and was not recovered. Shooter with the first gun noticed the BUIS/RD co-witness was off during a string of fire.

    We’ve had about 300 P320’s with Romeo1PRO RDS and SIG suppressor height BUIS in use for about 6 months now.

    So far we’ve seen far more failures of the BUIS than the RDS. So far we’ve seen over 20 BUIS come loose, vs 5 issues with the RDS. Those RDS issues bring 3 which lost zero in the same manner (low left) and two which started worked eating batteries due to failure of the shake awake mode. Most of the BUIS failures have been front sights.

    The three zero shifts were all from the same batch of sights. The two shake awake failures are from a different batch of sights issued to our SRT team members about year ago.
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    I think tall backup front sights on optic guns will be vulnerable to this, snag-prone and such.
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