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Thread: J frame AIWB kydex

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    Take a look at Harry’s Holsters too.

    I have a Harry’s Holsters Icon for my 442 and a DSG Apollo for my LCR. I like and use both of them. The Icon seems to sit a little lower and conceal better for me. It is also less wide which helps for me with concealment. The Apollo works for me but sits a little higher making it a little more difficult for me to conceal. The difference in concealment could also be attributed to the different revolvers as well, I have not tried an Apollo for a j-frame and Harry’s Holsters does not make holsters for LCRs the last time I checked so I haven’t been able to do an apples to apples comparison.

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    I have a philster city special for my LCR that works well for me:

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    I love Dark Star Gear and the Apollo is great. But I'm really pleased with the Zulu Bravo Kydex holster shown on page one. I'm sitting on my couch in gym shorts as I type this, wearing an M&P340 in one.

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    Another Zulu Bravo fan. He has them on the site now
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    Blackhawk A.R,C. 20.00 bucks. I've used mine with complete satisfaction for 3 years.

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    With my .38 LCR, I use the PHLster City Special if I’m wearing a belt, and a DSG Apollo if I’m not.

    I find that the wider, more offset belt loop on the DSG holster helps tuck in the grip when the only force being applied is from the drawstring of my gym shorts. Conversely, the stiffness of my Graith Specialist belt seems to hold the same offset loop away from my body so the grip doesn’t tuck as well.

    I added some Velcro to both of them. I use a pretty substantial foam wedge on the Apollo and just a flat pad on the City Special.

    I wish PHLster made a 3” model of the City Special.

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    Harry's Holsters Icon. I really like mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gun Nerd View Post

    I added some Velcro to both of them. I use a pretty substantial foam wedge on the Apollo and just a flat pad on the City Special.
    Correction, forgot that I switched to similar medium thickness wedges on both. When you experiment with a lot of holsters, you end up with a lot of wedges to play with.

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    I also have a Harry's Holsters Icon, and I switched to an alternate DCC clip (Mod4, I think?) that lets it sit a little lower for a elastic waistband minimalist deal:

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    I also have a DSG I like a lot as well, and I have a JMCK IWB-3 zero degree on the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MDFA View Post
    Harry's Holsters Icon. I really like mine.
    another vote from me

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