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Thread: Recommendations for a 40 cal

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    A used P226 40SW is a great option. I have one that is in about the same shape as the one posted above. My Sig Lite night sights are pretty much dead though. Thinking about sending it in to Sig for the Service Plan. I sent in a P229 40SW a couple years ago and service was excellent!

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    For what it's worth, out of curiosity I just handled a .40 SG P2022 Sigpro at a high-volume Sportsmans Warehouse, priced as I recall at $559. Dryfiring reminded me just how smooth and even the DA trigger is, and the SA was equally nice and crisp, with a short reset (roughly equivalent to the reset on my HK P30; a tad bit longer than the reset on my Glocks). Contrast sights were large white dots, easily acquired. A solid contender in my eyes.

    Checking locally at multiple volume locations, 9mm ball/target is basically unobtanium, .40 is easily available and at reasonable pricing, .45 ACP is more available than 9mm, but still a bit sporadic. Looks like I may be concentrating on my .40s in the forseeable future, just as in the previous ammunition crisis....

    And since I don't currently have a DA/SA .40, that P2022 is glittering in my eye...(well, as much as matte nitron and black polymer can glitter....)
    Best, Jon
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonInWA View Post
    I recommend both the HK P30 and the VP40. Both are exceptionally well made, accurate and very durable and reliable. While I like my Gen4 Glock G22, the HK's are dialed in right out of the box, and also offer the opportunity to effectively individually tailor the gun to you, via the 3 backstaps and 6 side panels supplied with each pistol.

    The VP40 provides what Glock is now getting to with the upcoming Gen5 G22-a heavier-slided .40, which very effectively tames recoil. A nice plus for the VP is that the frames on the VP9 and VP40 are literally identical, which means that if you choose a VP40, in the future you couls get, say, the VP9 longslide kit, and immediately have a 2-caliber VP. Reputedly the .40 magazines also work with 9mm cartridges, but I haven't personally verified that, so if you go that route, I'd also plan on getting 9mm magazines.

    The P30 is essentially an upgraded USP, with improved ergonomics. In .40 it uses a buffered RSA in combination with a slide that has increased mass added internally, so its exterior dimensions are identical to those of its 9mm bretheren. Mine is a LEM L model, which I'm exceptionally pleased with, but LEM is a bit of an acquired taste for many, but there are excellent DA/SA variants.

    A year or so back, HK decided to dial back P30 prices, so they're now much more competitive price-wise with their competition, and the VPs are a bit lower in price as well.

    Additionally, I recommend getting the LE models of either the VP or P30 (available commercially) which come with 3 magazines and Meprolight tritium nightsights at an exceptional price.

    The .40 is a credible cartridge, and as in previous ammunition shortages, again I see .40 being available in quantity and at reasonable prices, whill 9mm and .45 ACP is virtually unobtanium.

    Best, Jon
    Every thought above is dead on the money. I was able to add a P30 in .40 for a stupid low price and a VP40 upper with five magazines before the current frenzy. The VP40 upper package was a bit of a lark as it came with five magazines with Taylor Freelance +5 "Border Special" base plate kits. Of course, those magazines work just fine in the P30. I now have three uppers for a VP9 (stock, VP9L, and VP40).

    The HK pistols have less perceived muzzle rise and twist than the G23.3 that aggravated my tendinitis. .40 ammo is something I once loaded for my Limited 10 pistol, so I have the dies, brass, and bullets. I just need to load them shorter.

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