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Thread: Glock sights with thin front sight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archer1440 View Post
    What about the Trijicon HD XR with the .125 width front blade?
    I got the XR on my G-19, 0.122 front , I like them a lot more than the regular HD.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AKDoug View Post
    I use Dawson fiber optic fronts, but they are very narrow at .105" Currently I'm running RB1 rears because I replaced the RB1 fronts with the Dawson fronts.
    Dawson has various widths, they just aren't available in all heights. For example, I decided I wanted to try a .125 front on my Legion. That width wasn't available in a .240, but it was in a .250. No problem with that because the Legion has an adjustable rear.

    I call them and have always received knowledgeable help, plus I have made liberal use of their exact impact guarantee, with nary a squawk from them.

    They are my first stop for pistol irons.

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