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Thread: All Things PCC Competition Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by andre3k View Post
    The Ruger has been reliable, but the ergos are just different when you're used to running an AR. I doubt if I'll use it much in competition
    A friend came to the same conclusion. He shot a Ruger because his AR was not reliable. After he got the AR sorted out, he stayed with it because it works just like the Army taught him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    I was at a steel match Sunday, squared with a buddy, who was a top 20 finisher at 2019 PCC Nationals. He shoots a custom AR9. Stage 1, he had a big malfunction. Stage 4, most of the way through the stage, his firing pin broke. He is meticulous about his gear.
    Did he have a spare? This reminds me I should probably start gathering spares for my pcc.

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