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Thread: Swampfox Optics

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    Swampfox Optics

    Initially when I came across these, I just wrote them off as cheap entry level dots and didn't think much about them. But I'm seeing them more often in the hands of more knowledgeable/experienced folks and that has caused me to take a second look - most recently in the hands of @TCinVA on a milled glock 48.

    Does anyone here have any experience with them that could comment on durability, quality, battery life, etc...

    Website for reference -

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    I just learned about these the other day as well. I had the same initial reaction, so it will be interesting to hear from more experienced folks.


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    I have been aware of them for quite some time. There is a 56 page thread on arfcom in the optics section of the ar15 topic button. Their marketing director, Mike Branson, is on the thread frequently.

    I have an astigmatism and I'm in progressive lenses as well as left eye dominant to childhood last eye in my right eye. I bought one of the Swampfox "Blade" 1X prism optics with an etched reticle for my carbine for those reasons. Prior to being aware of Swampfox, I was going to buy a Primary Arms "Cyclops" 1X prism. First, Mike Branson's information and interaction was great. He is a stand up guy. The "Blade" was built for DUTY from the ground up and is a one piece mount and housing. This may not be for everyone. It also uses a CR123 battery instead of a CR2032 battery. This was a plus for me since I already stock the CR123 batteries for my pistol weapon lights. The reticle is good with a diopter to adjust clarity. It comes with lense covers, a kill flash, and a battery, in the box. Mounting was easy and was sighted in fairly quickly at 50 yards for a 50/200 zero. The only negative I can say, is that the clicks on the adjustment are not as tactile and strong as I would have liked. But, for $209 with LE discount, beggars can't be choosers.

    I just bought a Liberty red dot with the "Ironsides" shield for my buddy in the DA's Office, that we will mount tonight. My thoughts will follow as we will compare it to his RMR. I do not have any red dot capable pistols yet. I'm on the fence.

    I hope this helped.

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    I mounted the Swampfox Liberty with Ironsides protector on @42Willys Gen 5 G34. I was able to compare the Liberty to his Gen 1 RMR06 on his Gen 3 G19. First, both dots were starburst to my eyes. The domed viewing window of the Liberty was better for me than the convex viewing window of the RMR. The Liberty has a top mounted battery compartment so it does not need to be removed from the pistol to replace the battery. I look forward to helping test the sight out. The Liberty is a 22mm window and the Justice is a 27mm. I'm looking forward to the Justice being available. I hope this helps.
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    I have a "Liberty" sight on my Number 2 G17 and another on my 1301 for testing. I'm a fan of the wider window. I forget the spec of the aluminum they're made out of, but it's a tougher grade than the body of most other open emitter optics on the market IIRC. I have actually beaten on the body of one with a hammer without killing the optic's function. I'd wager it will be more durable than the SRO, but I can't put science behind that.

    The glass is clear and doesn't give as much distortion as the RMR, and there's no tint.

    If you want to mount it to an MOS handgun talk to their customer service reps about what plate to use with it.

    The ability to change the battery without having to remove the optic is great, as it means you don't have to replace fasteners every time you change your battery.

    My only real beef with the optic is that the brightest setting isn't quite as bright as I would like. But I have determined that I have problems seeing red dot sights anyway (I need my ACRO on max setting to see the dot most of the time in daylight shooting conditions) and other people I've handed the gun have always had to dial down the brightness, so that's more a me thing than a strike against the optic. I do wish it had one more brightness setting.

    I have a Swamp Fox Arrowhead 1-10x mounted on my Giessele rifle. I've had the chance to compare that to several other optics on the market including Nightforce's offerings, Vortex's PST-II 1-6x, and even the GenII Razor 1-10x.

    The quality of the optic is, at a minimum, equal to the PSTII. Having used it back to back with the Nightforce 1-8x from up close out to 300 yards, I didn't see any difference in the clarity of the glass or the usability of the optic. At 200 and 300 the extra 2X allowed me to call shots a little bit better. I like the reticle for work up close or at distance. I find the Nightforce style reticle kind of gets in the way on smaller targets at higher magnification. It has already survived a shoulder-height fall directly on the optic with the full weight of the rifle driving it into gravel. (Never let a newbie use your brand new rifle) The red illuminated reticle is weaksauce in bright daylight. Supposedly the green one is better, but I haven't tried one yet. The etched reticle is still visible and easy to use in bright light so I don't miss it.

    In its price range it's really tough to beat.

    I've put about 3,000 rounds through Number 2 with the "Justice" mounted and at this point I wouldn't hesitate to carry the gun if Number 1 was unable to serve. If I had to permanently switch I'd put an ACRO on Number 2 just because the ACRO is probably the most durable slide-mounted RDS on the market and I'd like to have that on a daily carry gun. In the newly emerging micro-dot market, I'd happily run their micro on a 365 or one of the single stacks as shown in the video because I don't see a much of a difference between the various Chinese manufactured micro-dots out there. I doubt there's much of a difference between the RMR sized optics from Holosun (which people seem to say are GTG, some paid and some not for saying so) in terms of quality and durability and the SwampFox offerings.

    I got the units I have at a discount for T&E, but that's the extent of what I have "received" from the company for trying them out.
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    I've gotten some stuff at a solid discount, but it's all been great. The caveat with them is that some of their early mRDS's aren't as good as the new stuff, but they'll tell you that in all the right words and they mean it. The latest generation is legit. I've got a Vortex 1-10 on the way, but my SF 1-10 is pretty pleasing to hold me over. Like Tim, I'm totally OK with it when going side by side with optics three times the price. You certainly get more, but don't forget where we were in 2008. These are better.
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    I am looking forward to shooting the Liberty optic on my Glock 34.5. When the suppressor height irons come in and get mounted, pics will follow. The dot clarity is about the same at my RMR06 (gen1) but the Liberty has the wider field as mentioned and I like the glass better. Top loading battery is nice too.

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    Had never heard of these. Who builds them and where do them come from? I feel like
    Some companies may never get a real chance when they have corny ass names.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trukinjp13 View Post
    Had never heard of these. Who builds them and where do them come from? I feel like
    Some companies may never get a real chance when they have corny ass names.

    I like the name(s). Despite all the patriotic lingo, it's all made in China.

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    I wonder if their 5-25 34mm tube rifle optic is built at same site that makes Vortex new 5-25 34mm tube entry PRS like scope? Seems like there may be one factory that builds multiple brands.

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