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Thread: 'Vintage' LTT Fully Customized 92G (VA)

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    Cool 'Vintage' LTT Fully Customized 92G (VA)

    My safe is too full. Some of these are harder choices to make than others. This is a hard one. I'm going to make 2 or 3 separate ads, this pistol deserves it's own ad especially since LTT is a household name here. I'll also be listing this on Berettaforum and vaguntrader eventually.

    I bought this from the original owner years ago; unfortunately, he had lost the receipt. This was originally a 92G police model with Trijicons. Faint shielded "P" and Trijicon 02 markings are still visible on the slide; the Trijicon marks are over the new finish applied as part of LTT's work, so we can assume the work was done no later than 2002.

    Beretta S/N database shows:

    Serial Number: BER154205
    Model: J92G631
    Product Description: 92G 9MM,3-15 RDS,TRITIUM,P/S
    Approximate Manufacture Date: 1999

    Ernest looked at this pistol at an LTT class in Culpeper and said that all of the work on it except the stocks and the fiber optic front was his work. He sold me a WC Battlesight which I then filed down to zero the gun. The filed top surface is still in the white. The pistol's finish has wear on the high points including the decocking levers, slide release, takedown lever, and front corners of the slide flats from normal holster wear.

    As near as i can figure, the following work was done. I may be missing some.

    -Bar-Sto barrel fitted.

    -Elite hammer added.

    -Extended (Elite II style) mag release added.

    -Carry bevel / carry melt. Including the area of the trigger guard that the new LTT pistols have machined away at the factory.

    -Hand-beveled magwell. Smoothly curved, no abrupt edges or straight planes in the bevel.

    -Trigger job. This is the smoothest trigger I've felt on a Beretta 92 besides Ernest's personal gun. 6 lb 8 oz DA / 3 lb 1 oz SA according to my Lyman digital scale. I have 3 of the Elite LTT's I ordered with trigger jobs and they are all running 8 lbs 10 oz and 3 lbs 12 oz very consistently. This one feels like a weapon of the Gods by comparison.

    -The entire gun was refinished.

    -The original Trijicon front sight insert was removed, the sight was drilled, and a piece of yellow fiber optic was installed. Again, not by LTT.

    -I believe the stocks are Herretts.

    This is a genuine piece of Beretta / LTT history. Oh yeah, a small edit: I did manage to win an LTT hat with this pistol at the aforementioned class. Kind of a cool feeling.

    $1500, shipping included *only where legal.* I don't know your state's rules and if there's a question, I'll need you to satisfy me on that account before I consider this sold or accept payment. USPS MO or cash FTF only. Can ship with a 10-rd, 15-rd, or no mag. Price is the same regardless. Will come in a foam-lined hard case of one sort or another. I can do a FTF in Harrisonburg VA before July 1 with your DL / CCW or July 1 and after at my FFL.
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