Iím excited to announce a new course, to be unveiled in March 2021 at Boondocks in Mississippi.

Practical Tactical, Beyond the Basics
Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Armed Private Citizen
Two day handgun course

Registration is strictly limited to students who have had any prior Rangemaster handgun course, such as Combative Pistol, Intensive Pistol, or Instructor Development. This assures that everyone is on the same page on Safety and Basic Marksmanship procedures, so we donít have to use time in this class to cover those topics. This assures everyone of a better learning experience in this course.

There is classroom training on a variety of topics involved in personal safety and security, including:
Active Shooters
Home Invasions
Proper Use of Cover, including vehicles and other objects
A detailed examination of ten shootings involving Rangemaster students, looking for lessons learned
A history and over-view of low light shooting technology and techniques
Personal defensive tactics, and more.

Live-fire range training will include:
Advanced marksmanship techniques
Proper Use of Cover
Low Light firing, with and without a flashlight
Stress management techniques.

Due to the on-going ammunition shortage, we will hold the round count to 450 rounds total, but each drill is designed to maximize the benefit from every shot fired.
Tuition is $495. Class size is strictly limited.

The location is the Boondocks Firearms Training Academy in Jackson, Mississippi. This is a wonderful training facility, with a modern, comfortable classroom and a covered outdoor range with real restrooms at the range. It is a first rate facility.

DATE/TIME: March 13-14, 2021 Saturday-Sunday
11am-9pm on TD1, 9am-5pm on TD2