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Thread: 230 gr vs 124 gr Gold Dot.

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    230 gr vs 124 gr Gold Dot.

    Hi. My brother is currently carrying 124 gr Gold Dot in a Glock 17.4,and is considering switching to a Glock 21.4 and using the 230 gr Gold Dots,for those have used both, is there any ta tangible benefit to decreasing capacity for increased bullet weight? He does city patrol officer work in a rural area. Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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    It's pretty much a wash these days, assuming proper bullet selection (like the Gold Dots). I went the other way, .45 to 9mm, but would carry any of the common duty cartridges. 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 Auto, they all work as advertised if you do your part.
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    Maybe with talented students I would lube up with baby oil and then go at it.

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    I would go with the gun and ammo combo I shot the best. Pretty significant difference between a G17 and a G21, so it might come down to ergonomics. If it was a wash on how I shot them, I would defer to the G17 and the 124 GD's, if just for the lower total weight of the gun and ammo for all-day carry.

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    If your brother is paying for everything himself, to include practice ammunition, Iíd recommend sticking with the G17 because heíd be able to train more for the same dollar value in ammunition. If his employer is footing the bill, he should choose whichever he likes better. Heís more likely to practice with a gun he likes, as most of us are. I carried a G21 for my last job, also stoked with 230gr Gold Dot. I liked it a lot, except for its size. There were no other options. Everyone was issued a G21 regardless of assignment. The G21 is a large gun but itís one of the softest shooting .45s Iíve ever used. It was also a very accurate gun. My current job requires 9mm but gives me a couple of options of guns to carry, so I carry a G19/G26 with agency issued/required 124gr +P Gold Dot. I believe the gun/ammo will be just as effective as the previous gun/ammo. I do shoot the 9mm slightly faster because they recoil slightly less. I also enjoy the increased capacity. With the 9mm guns, I get a whole lot more ammunition for the same weight penalty.

    My understanding of the terminal ballistics is that the only thing .45 ACP bullets do better than the same type of 9mm ones is crush/break heavy bones like the femur. That might be important if part of your handgun uses might include shooting large animals such as bears or angry moose. I donít think itís as important when talking about shooting people. When talking about people, youíre aiming for the same places regardless of what caliber you use (upper thoracic cavity or eye box). Your results, whether you hit or miss those places, probably wonít be determined by which caliber you chose.
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    Lets see what speer says
    Name:  Speer-Gold-Dot-Ammunition-Comparison.jpg
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    I've been issued both the 17 and the 21, as well as a longtime user of Gold Dots. I'd choose the 21 if given the choice, but only because it fits my hand better. If your brother doesn't have those issues, there's no tangible benifit of one over the other. If I was in his position, I'd save the money and spend it on ammo or put it towards a training opportunity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 03RN View Post
    Lets see what speer says
    Name:  Speer-Gold-Dot-Ammunition-Comparison.jpg
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    The picture is too small to see what Speer says

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xhado View Post
    The picture is too small to see what Speer says

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    As previously pointed out, shootability is always going to trump "stopping power" for me. In my case, the G21/G30 is just too big for my hand, leading to excessive "Glockitis" hitting low and left (much more so than the standard frames). I can overcome this with VERY careful focus on fundamentals and trigger press, but as soon as I start shooting at speed, the wheels come off.

    If that were not the case (I shoot my 1911 LW CCI in .45 at the same speed/accuracy as a G19, so it's not really a caliber issue), I would opt for the 21, just because the .45 ACP gives me the warm and fuzzies, so I wouldn't worry about dropping from 17+1 to 13+1. BUT, there are very few folks with mitts big enough and enough grip strength to REALLY shoot the large frame Glocks on par with the standard frames.

    I actually gave a go at the S&W M&P45 M2.0, because it was so much more "shootable" in my hands than the G21. But then I was giving up 7 rounds per magazine, and, honestly, that juice isn't worth the squeeze.

    Nowadays, when I want to shoot .45 ACP, I do it through a 1911. Every other platform I'll stick with 9mm.

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