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Thread: 230 gr vs 124 gr Gold Dot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Navin Johnson View Post
    It would seem along gun is the solution with beasts. I can't imagine much difference tween any service pistol. (will work fine with head-neck also-shots.... best from back or side according to an experienced friend)

    I have always recommended "ear hole to eye hole" method. Having guys imagine their bullet passing from the close side ear, to the opposite side eye.

    A .22 will (and does) work with this method.

    The problem(s) is that in the heat of the moment most guys forget and start blasting away.

    I later learn that:

    They forgot the advice and try to shoot through the skull, which often gets deflected.

    They were trying for "heart" shots.

    They are decent pistol shots on the range, but have a harder time in the field.

    The animals, while injured are still semi mobile, and not presenting a stationary target. That happens in a lot of cases. They get one broken leg, and their survival instinct kicks in, so they won't let anyone close. They will stay at least 50 feet away from people as they consider them a threat.

    If you have a rifle with appropriate ammo that you believe will penetrate into vital organs, then this would be a good time to use it. If not try to position yourself to set up for a clean head shot with a solid backstop.

    I stay away from neck shots.

    The other thing I have noted is that people can get worked up and start to shoot repeatedly. This is not about shooting a lot. It is about shoot well.

    Just once, and turn the lights out. It is far more humane, and safer for the community.

    Here is a pic from last year where a 230 grain was used to put down a cow elk that the vehicle in front of me hit, when I was on my way to a shoot with friends.

    Ear hole to eye hole.

    A single shot and her suffering stopped. You can see in the pic where she was struck by the truck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TC215 View Post
    One of my former beat partners put a couple 230 grain Gold Dots to good use a couple nights ago (from over 20 yards). I'm sure a 9mm Gold Dot would have worked just as well, though.
    FWIW, I found out today that it was actually a bonded 230 grain Golden Saber. I saw the pictures of the projectile that was removed during autopsy, and it could be used in a commercial for Remington. Excellent expansion. It went in dead-center in the suspectís chest and ended up in his back, without exiting. The other round went in the suspectís gun hand (it was outstretched, pointed towards the officer) and exited his forearm.

    Oh, and the final measurement on the shots was exactly 25 yards.

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