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Thread: Ten Round 1911 .45ACP Mags That Are Reliable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    Replacement spring and follower that reduce the capacity to 9 rounds in exchange for increased reliability. Has a stronger spring and 9 rounds gives more space for the spring to do its work. Given the springs on 10 round 45 mags wear faster than on 7&8 round mags
    Thanks! I think Iíll give them a try.
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    Wilson ETM 10rd mags so far so good for the last couple of years.

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    Ive had pretty good luck with cmc and wilson. My carry mag is the wilson 10rd with folded lips

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    I am a 8 round CMC PM dude for duty carry.

    I used some CMC 10s for years in LEO accuracy comp as the last stage was 18 rounds, so to avoid 3 mag changes, I would load two 10s with 9 rounds each. Everything worked for years but later sent my Colt off for a new barrel and tighten (David Sams) and my 10s were no longer reliable. In fact, my CMC PM 8s with Tripp kits in them were no longer reliable in this tight Colt. they would tie up on feeding. My gunsmith told me to use MecGar 7s with this Colt and they have worked perfect.

    Getting back to duty carry,

    I am still on the same CMC mag tubes (8s and 10s) since day one, however I recently updated all my springs and followers. About two years ago, I had noticed an occasional fail to go into battery with my 10s on my duty MCOP, so I bought one CMC RPM 8 and a couple of black RPM 10s. The black coated 10 rounder RPMs would not feed. In fact, they felt gritty (when loading). I sent them back and replaced with the 10 round RPM sts version but never have I tested them to fully.

    I have about 8 WC Elite and 4 WC 10s, but for some reason dont use them. I prefer the robust feeling of the CMCs.

    I will likely be buying new CMC PMs 8s for duty carry in the near future.

    On a side note, one negative with the CMC PM and their follower design is it will ding up your frame below the feed ramp with hard use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HCM View Post
    The best ten round mags Iíve used have been CMC with the Tripp Super 9 kits installed.

    This ^^^^ Is the solution I am now employing with 10-rounders

    I have a mixture of Wilson and CMC 8 and 10 rounders. The CMC 10-rounders are generally good to go, but sometimes one gives me trouble, enough that Iím kind of...unsure if today will be the day one of the CMCs decides itís done. But stuff it with a Super 9 kit and they all function 100%.

    Iíve mentioned before, my default - if the mag body is still good, but I get a lock back issue from a mag, I rebuild it with a Tripp kit. I have a ~half dozen 47Ds with Tripp Super 7s, similar number of CMCs with Super 9s installed. Tripp guts make good mag bodies into great magazines.

    Iíve been running Wilson ETMs lately as well...but Iíll admit for carry Iím very comfortable and confident that the 47D/Super7 runs. So I tend to use those for carry and the ETMs for range/class stuff.
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    I actually had better luck with the Wilson ten rounders than the CMC 10 round powemags so the ten round ETMs are looking tempting.

    The 8 round CMCs are great. I actually like those better than the ETMs.

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    The one ten-round .45ACP 1911 mag that I actively avoid are the older Wilsons with the metal tab tack-welded on the front to prevent over-insertion.

    The first time you pop one of those tabs off doing an overly enthusiastic slide-lock reload and get the mag jammed way up in the gun after it's sheared the nose off the extended ejector, you'll hate them, too.

    I guess maybe CMC had patented that oversleeve floorplate or something? But that's not a problem anymore, obviously.

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