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Thread: AAR: Fundamentals and Accuracy - Cleves, OH 27JUN2020

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    AAR: Fundamentals and Accuracy - Cleves, OH 27JUN2020

    AAR - Fundamentals and Accuracy course - Recommended ammo amount - 500
    Impact Shooting Center - Cleves, OH
    Weather - overcast, some sun, high humidity, several rain events
    Ammo - 115gr S&B 9mm, no issues
    Pistol - H&K VP9, Holosun 407C on HKs plate system, no issues
    Darkstar Gear Orion holster, JM Custom AIWB mag carrier - both performed quite well

    Problem weapons noted - 2
    self-disassembling Glock 17 Gen 5 - heavily stippled frame, easy to crush the grip, large amount of wear on the take-down ‘tab’, apex trigger unit, RMR, Trijicon suppressor height night sights
    Light strikes, Glock 17 Gen 4 - lighter striker spring for reduced trigger pressure, caused 4-5 light primer strikers per magazine

    Blatantly stealing Short Barrel Shepherd’s 3x3 format

    3 things covered -
    - Round accountability, using 4” and 1” circle targets throughout the day
    - Efficiency in technique, leading to increased accuracy and if desired speed
    - Subtleties in stance/grip refinement, and credit given where credit is due

    3 things learned -
    - Garment clearance and draw efficiency are easy to combine, and lead to a lot less fishing for the dot
    - Changing my foot placement lead to increased recoil mitigation and ease of movement
    - Reloads and magazine changes can be done more efficiently with a changed order of operation

    3 things I’ll be changing
    -The path my pistol takes from the holster and my line of sight to the target
    -Order of operations for magazine changes
    -Modifying magazine release paddle profile to better accommodate modified grip

    Shane is the owner and a good instructor in his own right, and a shooter with the round count to match, hours under the right types of trainers, and the right drive for teaching. His motivation is about the student, as an individual, rather than checking all the boxes on some form. His communication is serious when needed, direct, simple, helpful, and relaxed. Someone who can shoot well, but can’t describe why they do things at several layers deep is typically not a good instructor; Shane was able to explain the why behind his famous baseball cap choice when asked about it.

    The course is about accuracy and efficiency - a timer wasn’t brought out today at all. That might sound silly, but when trying to address deficiencies in technique, removing the stress of timers allows focus on the change for the student to experiment with. Accuracy accountability, partner drills, and precision of both motion and shot impact were stressed during the duration of the day.

    Fundamentals and Accuracy is a good base to build a foundation from, and to revisit the basics as a verification of progress in more advanced levels. Skill levels from extreme novice to mid-level competition shooters were all present and worked on individually. Modifications of technique for shooter’s interfaces to guns, and gear selection were all addressed, and the limits/capabilities of equipment was found for some students.
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    Shane and his wife Carly are good people.
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