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Thread: Elden Carl on "Quick Draw" in the early years . . .

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    Elden Carl on "Quick Draw" in the early years . . .

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    Great site and recollections of an astounding shooter of our legacy days.
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    Thank you for posting this.

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    Thanks, that's a real blast from the past.
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    Carl was the first patrol sergeant for one of my partners/boss/friends. He was really happy when I turned him on to his blog.

    Always good info!

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    Hitting the like button is not enough. Thanks for posting the link!
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    That is an amazing write up, so much better than a damn video. I sure wouldn't want to be facing down Thell Reed back in the day.

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    Google his name. There is more with further explanations. I was 10 in 1958 when I bought my first Gun
    Digest which presented an article about the young Thell Reid. He went on to become one of the six combat masters. Reed's website has been hacked so don't go there.

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    We are fortunate to have this resource. Many thanks for posting this.
    Iíve seen his name in print through Coopers writings, but itís great to hear from the man himself!
    And wow, they could shoot pretty good too...

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