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Thread: Hive Mind: Present Suppressor Best Picks

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    What accounts for the price difference between something like a Dead Air Nomad and a Thunder Beast Dominus? The material?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clusterfrack View Post
    If I could do it all again, the only cans I would buy again are my SF mini and my Thunderbeasts. I would probably buy TBAC cans for everything else.

    My AAC and SiCo cans have been disappointing in various ways.
    This is currently where my head is at, but I'd put it differently: I want a heavy duty compact/k can for my AR, and a lighter, larger, 30 cal can for everything else.

    I'm very happy with my Turbo K for AR use. Light, small, durable, and as effective as you can really hope for.

    TBAC looks like the best option for a light and effective. 30 cal can. I keep hoping ill win one of their 50% certs at a match.

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    Turbo K (or regular Turbo) in 5.56. Just impossible to beat for the money. Hard to beat for more money. Hell, tough for twice the money.

    Very intrigued by the CGS MOD9SK. Have an Omega 9K that is currently my pick for a 9mm can, but got a MOD9SK in the other day and have high hopes. Another one that promises to be a ton of suppressor for the money.

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    I've got a Nomad that just got approved, and I'm just waiting to get the stamp back any day now. This is going on my ultimate 300 BLK SBR build as my main HD rifle, and I'm going with either an EA Vox S or K for my 12.5" 5.56 build. I recently filed for my CGS Mod9 SK, and that little thing feels amazing! Between the rear biased weight distribution and the short length, it's perfect for a nightstand pistol if you're open to the idea of a suppressor for HD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chance View Post
    As a total novice, my initial application would be a .300 BLK AR and some variety of a Glock 9mm, just to have. But with the specter of a rabidly anti-gun administration, I'm approaching this under the assumption that I may not be able to buy suppressors for specific applications in the future.

    So I probably should have opened the thread with less of an emphasis on "optimal" and more of an emphasis on longevity and serviceability. I'm happy to pay $1500 or more if it'll last.
    If I recall correctly .300 BLK subs are compatable with quality 9mm pistol cans. Supers not so much. If you want to ease your way in.


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    One thing to keep in mind in the suppressor market...

    By the time your new hotness gets to your hands, it'll be old busted and there'll be a new new hotness. Just be prepared for that.

    I'm probably outdated in this thinking these days, but IMO there's three categories of cans:
    -Centerfire rifle (I'd want something that can handle .223 through .308, should be QD mountable)
    -centerfire 9mm (I'd want something I can mount on a pcc and a handgun, only needs to be 9mm, needs to operate as direct-thread and with a booster)
    -rimfire (ideally something that can handle the hotter rimfire loads just in case, like .17 mag and .22 mag, for pistol and rifle, can be direct-thread only most likely)
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