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Thread: LTT 92G Elite recoil. Spring

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    LTT 92G Elite recoil. Spring

    I am going to pick up some spare springs for my LTT 92 Elite full size (purchased with the LTT trigger job). Does my 92 come with the 12.5# or 14# recoil spring? If I have the 14#, should I go with the 12.5# instead? The LTT site said the 12.5 is good for EDC and is the most popular. I pretty much shoot factory 124gr ammo.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I am also curious what recoil spring is provided. I use a WC 14# CS recoil spring in my 92A1 with bullet weights from 115 , 124 and 135 and have had no feeding or ejection issues. This is in conjunction with a WC 14# CS hammer spring as well.
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    I've been running the 12.5# for a while and like it great. I just noticed fairly recently they had the 14#.

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    Honestly, I would email Langdon Tactical as you bought the pistol from him. I expect the way that I read his site, that Beretta puts a 14# spring in by default.

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    I actually called LTT earlier and they confirmed that my pistol came with a 14# spring. Can anyone shed some more light on the handling characteristics of switching to the 12.5# spring? Iím also thinking about giving the 12# hammer spring a try, since I only really shoot commonly found practice 124gr ammo, with occasional 124gr jhp.

    Thanks again!

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    Ive ran the 12.5# spring in my carry gun and it works great..

    Now however it will take a pretty skilled shooter to really apricate the difference in the 14-12.5 springs. IMHO.

    Ive been running the 11# in my training gun and its amazing at speed on small targets, But again the juice might not be worth the squeeze if you are still working on grip and recoil control.

    Hope that helps.

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    Still need to try the 12.5#.
    The 14# is like trying to wrangle an angry fish, the 11# is much better, not sure that I would run a high volume of carry ammo through it though.

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    I 'think' the standard 92 recoil spring has been a 13#. Maybe Beretta/ Langdon decided a 14# would be better in the Elite LTT since it has a lighter hammer spring? I am not skilled enough to try different recoil springs but I have tried all hammer springs from 16# (most say = to a D) to 11#. I have run 12# in my IDPA M9A1 for 2-3 years w/ absolute reliability. Admittedly I pop a new one in at least once per year and I shoot only Federal or CCI Independence aluminum case ammo. A month ago I decided to try an 11# hammer spring. Covid has reduced my shooting (but we are getting back almost to normal now) but I have 500+ rnds w/ the 11# spring w/ no problems. I will shoot my first match w/ it tomorrow. BTW I used to shoot Walmart red box Federal exclusively until they stopped selling it and then CCI since. Today I tried some Federal black box that Sportsmans Warehouse sold last fall and it was just fine for 180 rnds. Tomorrow I will shoot it but have CCI ready to go if any problems.

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