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Thread: 1911's and Berettas

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    I'm a 1911 user and I like Berettas. In fact I've gone down the Beretta 92 road a couple different times, but never stayed with it. My busted up thumb has a real hard time manipulating the safety/decocker. I might be able to get by with a G model, but I haven't put in sufficient time with one to tell.

    Overall, I prefer guns with hammers for carry even though there are striker fired guns I like and respect.

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    Because the cool kids like similar things.
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    Because plastic is for toys...

    ACTUALLY - I think the one thing that the Beretta and 1911 share is a similar size and natural 'pointability'. Though the grip on the Beretta is larger, when I pick one up, it isn't any bigger, to me, than a 1911. Physically, 5" barreled pistols give a great balance of shootability, concealability, and about the maximum power effect you can get from a gun.

    While more compact guns conceal better, I haven't find a compact size gun that shoots quite as well as a 1911 or Beretta 92. Some are very close, though, close enough it doesn't much matter.
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    Things changed over the years because I remember a lot of hate for the Beretta when the 1911 was replaced. Slowly it became more popular.

    The Beretta 92 and 1911 pistols have style, blued steel and wood grips. Glocks are fugly and overrated
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    Quote Originally Posted by Medusa View Post
    They honestly don’t seem all that similar to me except in the broad sense of all metal hammer fired with a history as U.S. service weapon. I’ve never really been tempted by 1911s precisely because of the differences even though i understand why they’re loved and I certainly see the aesthetic appeal.
    I don't see much commonality at all. OTOH I find Glocks and 1911s to play well together. I use pretty much the exact same grips (high thumbs) and a single trigger pull type.
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    For me it's usage. Military and law enforcement experience, 92, px4, LBCC.

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    There was a new 1911 vs Glock thread on 1911forum every. single. day. Which turned into 9 vs 45 every. single. time. Now that 9mm is no longer a social foe paw, the OG 1911 guys still can't bring themselves to go for a plastic frame.

    That, and Berettas used to get a ton of hate...right up until they got ditched for the 320 and became the Golden Guns of Yesteryear.

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    I find that it’s mostly older guys. Maybe because we grew up with 1911’s and Berettas being much more common, as compared to younger guys that have been “raised” on Glocks and other striker guns.

    When I go to a class I’m usually the only guy there with a Beretta, the exception being a Langdon class, but that’s not a surprise.

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    I guess the question is why does someone have to be married to a single trigger style or platform at the exclusion of others? I have consolidated to Glocks for all the advantages the platform brings, and the trigger doesn't bother me at all, but I sometimes miss a sweet DA/SA trigger previously coming from a Sig with SRT. I recently decided that I want a 1911 and a Beretta in order to maintain familiarity with the different actions (you know, for battlefield pick ups ). They will also be a good teaching aid for helping newbies make an educated choice.

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    Good reasons all. Got me thinking what makes a firearm popular. Don’t forget what “Dirty Harry” did for the 44 magnum, the model 29.

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