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Thread: 1911's and Berettas

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    1911's and Berettas

    I have a dumb question that has been stuck in my head for a long time. Maybe this is the wrong forum to ask this question but I thought it would get more response here than in the General forum.

    Why does it seem like so many 1911 people also like Berettas? On the surface, they seem about as different as can be. I have a lot of rounds through both and I don't see anything that would make me think that they are compatible. What am I missing?
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    They are both old designs?

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    I think they're actually pretty similar, at least compared to most mainline polymer guns (Glock, M&P, P320).

    Metal slide, metal frame. Good heavy weight and long sight radius making recoil light and manageable. Nicely tuned hammer triggers which provide better feedback than striker triggers, generally.

    Both with military pedigree. Both highly reliable for long periods of service.

    Both in tons of TV and movies in the hands of countless heroes fictional and real.

    Both undeniably cool looking with deep heritage to old companies.

    Definitely the same species of gun, aside from the caliber.
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    Good question.

    For me it is because Berettas are incredibly accurate, they respond really well to custom work and they have a hammer for those who are inclined to carry AIWB and like to block the hammer when reholstering

    They actually carry a little easier than a 1911 for me and I like the safety net the DA first shot affords me.

    I'd have no problem with a CZ or a Sig though. I like the TDA system because it is more forgiving of me snatching the first shot when I draw and the DA first trigger press is really not that big of a deal if you dry fire.

    It's probably really because we just hate those newfangled striker fired guns

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    They honestly don’t seem all that similar to me except in the broad sense of all metal hammer fired with a history as U.S. service weapon. I’ve never really been tempted by 1911s precisely because of the differences even though i understand why they’re loved and I certainly see the aesthetic appeal.

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    I can only speak for my reasons why I like and use both 1911 and Beretta 92/M9 pistols.

    1) Both designs were used by the War Department/Department of Defense of and have robust supply chains as well as ever growing alternate part suppliers.
    2) The pistols, magazines, parts, and accessories are everywhere, because of 1).
    3) Both pistols are classic metal-framed designs.
    4) Both designs are supported by world-class gunsmiths, including Bill Wilson, Ernest Langdon, and David Sams.
    5) Both designs can result in very durable, very accurate firearms.
    6) Both are very cool and fun to shoot.

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    Don't forget that both have been in a ton of movies and TV shows.

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    Plus, based on their popularity, they were some of the earliest guns I shot, and loved, and vicariosly loved through the accounts of others...

    ETA: I meant farscott, but Doc ain't wrong...


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    Quote Originally Posted by ccmdfd View Post
    Don't forget that both have been in a ton of movies and TV shows.
    I think this has more to do with it than a lot of folks may care to admit. I know they were both the weapons of several of my favorite characters.

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    Metal frame, hammer fired, in most cases an actual safety, and military history.

    Since they have replaceable grip panels, you can also doll them up with a simple and usually inexpensive grip swap.

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