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Thread: New Keepers Holster: The Cornerstone

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    New Keepers Holster: The Cornerstone

    Surprised I couldn't find anything on this holster. I picked one up and thought I would share some thoughts on it. I've been using and carrying it for 2 weeks, so hardly a long term review but my initial impressions are that this is the holster I've been searching for since I began my concealed carry journey 5 years ago. I'm 6'3" 190ish for reference.
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    I've tried pretty much all the big name aiwb holsters but claw holsters pull the slide of the gun away from my body too much. The cornerstone solves this problem while still having a grip tuck feature.
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    I think the feature protruding from the trigger guard has been termed the "wave" although I could be mistaken. I don't know why no one else uses this idea. I had a j frame holster with this feature and loved it. It moves the claw feature closer to the attachments and reduces the footprint of the holster compared to other claw holsters I've tried.

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    This holster is sooo slim, yet it still tucks the grip. Lastly, the DCC clips are excellent. The spacing between them allows you to put a belt loop between them if necessary. Another detail that I know was planned into this is how clips curve. I think this helps to keep the slide from pulling away from the body. No doubt it is expensive. I think I paid a little over $100 with taxes and shipping. But if it works right then it's money well spent for sure. AIWB carry is very subjective. There's so many good holsters and makers out there and it does seem to take a lot of trial and error. Hopefully I found "the one".
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    It looks very well designed. Thanks for sharing. Another good holster @Prdator.

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    It looks like a very well thought out holster. Regarding the raised wave portion that acts like a lower profile wing/claw, I believe there are a couple of other manufacturers using something like that. I know Tenicor has something like that on a couple of their holsters. I think those DCC clips are the biggest thing to happen to holsters since purpose built AIWB holsters became popular almost a decade ago. I love them.
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    I was looking at these yesterday and agree that its a really great design.

    It does remind me of a Tenicor, but has the advantage of the rolled muzzle design that Im sure is more comfortable than the open bottom of the Tenicor.

    Im curious if this design retains the other advantages of the original Keeper that Spencer covers in his class, and when it will be available for a P30.

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    Hoping for a RDS cut option on the Cornerstone..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onikudaki View Post
    Hoping for a RDS cut option on the Cornerstone..
    Me too. Forgot to mention that in my last post.

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    Looks like a nice design, I like that the retention is not tied to the clips like various claw type holsters.

    Elite LTT?

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    Is the little loop-vercro pad at the holster toe there to prevent an obvious bulge (that is, as an aid to concealment), or does it serve some other function?
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    Quote Originally Posted by EVP View Post
    Elite LTT?
    right now, just basic glocks (17/19/26), small glocks, 365s, and shields. From talking to the guys, I think the Berettas are a little ways down the list. Despite their own fondess of the Berettas it takes some capital to get molds and stuff setup on these new models and they base their development on whats being requested most. These are manufactured differently than the original Keepers - less labor intensive but more set-up cost up front, I think. Good news is a much more competitive price, which as a guy with like 10 of their holsters I appreciate... Don't hold me to it, but IIRC 320s and M&Ps are sooner in the queue.

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    Just ordered one for my 43X. This place is hard on the wallet!

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