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Thread: General Holosun pistol optic thread

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    509T battery life

    For a while, I have thought the 509T to be the best available all around carry optic for me. Sealed emitter, the flat back doesn’t accumulate debris like an ash tray, clear lens, largish display, good controls, and carries similar to an RMR size wise. My question has been battery life, ever since the Acro made me question battery endurance.

    I turned a 509T on manual, a click or two down from high intensity, and have left it running since early October. Headed on a trip, I decided to pull the battery and test it this afternoon. It was the Panasonic 1632 it came with. It shows 80 percent full, so that is endurance I can easily live with, as it should last a year at the rate it is going. I replaced it with a new Duracell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SoCalDep View Post
    I have one M&P 2.0 slide milled by them for an AOS now ...
    @SoCalDep - They are FINALLY doing the AOS for the M&P?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erick Gelhaus View Post
    @SoCalDep - They are FINALLY doing the AOS for the M&P?
    Yep... but the only plate available is for the RMR/SRO/Holosun. I tried an RMR but the irons I got were too high for my taste so I was gonna use an SRO but that ended up on another gun for an outside training class. I have a Holosun I want to install but need to get a set of Holosun-length screws. The gun looks awesome and It makes me sad I’m not shooting M&Ps as much now. I have a G34 with them that I’m really looking forward to trying out. It will have the AOS, stippled and undercut frame, with Agency trigger and magwell, and finished in two-tone OD green and black.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davisj View Post
    Mad respect to Holosun for getting DJ Khaled on board
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    I have a BUIS question.

    I’m going to install my HS 507c x2 on my G34 MOS with a V4 CHPWS plate soon. I currently have normal Glock sights. To guide me in selecting a set of higher sight heights to use with the optic, what is the correct sight picture to use, or does it matter?

    Here’s a screen shot from a Lenny Magill video on the Holosun on a Glock for reference.

    Name:  515B5F29-1DF4-406D-80C8-A96B6573D558.jpeg
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    Understanding this is a 2D image, is this what I’m trying to achieve with correct BUIS?

    I just want steel black back ups, so should I just order the Ameriglo GL-429 set and call it a day?

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    I don’t want co-witness. I want the BUIS to be as low as possible, while still (barely) usable, to maximize the display. If you are looking at the BUIS, except when your dot fails, you are looking at the wrong thing.
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    Is there a generally agreed best practice for using adaptive brightness vs set brightness of the dot? The context would be for home defense on a pistol with an attached light. Just roving around my house, I'm seeing that sometimes I'm aiming from places with one level of light into places with a different level of light, and the brightness of the dot doesn't match what is needed. I'm thinking I should keep it at a set brightness and learn to deal with that level of brightness no matter what conditions I'm in, so I'm not surprised by what I see when I'm trying to aim. Does this make sense, or are their other solutions I'm not thinking of?

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    With a WML, set brightness. The dot can was out terribly when using WML. One of reasons I don't want to upgrade my older SF lights to new 1000 lumen stuff.
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    This question is for Holosun, specifically the 507c on a Glock 34 in my case: Are there any pre-existing "Zeroing" targets suitable for a pistol mounted red dot sight? I did a quick web search and came up with several options for rifle, and one, from Holosun Canada, for HS403s, which I believe is also for rifles or carbines. The one from HS has a grid and a couple circles. (Bear with me; I'm pretty new to guns, and brand new to dots as of like Sunday.)

    So my 507c has a 2MOA dot and a 32 MOA circle. I shoot fairly often at 10 yards and 25 yards. So I was pondering making a target that had a couple circles, maybe a grid, to help me at my next range session? If there's no obvious "go here and print this file" available that does that, I am probably going to whip up a *.pdf using Libreoffice draw for myself.

    Can someone check my math, though? I'm using basic trig to work out the numbers.

    A MOA is a "Minute of Arc" is 1/60 of a degree, correct? To generate how big circles are, at various MOA and distances, I'm using:

    C = R X tangent ( MOA )


    C = circle size
    R = range
    MOA = minutes of arc, expressed as degrees/radians

    (all this with correct units of course)

    Using that in a spreadsheet (cause I'm lazy) I get numbers like this:

    At 10 yards:

    2 MOA = 0.209"
    32 MOA = 3.351"

    At 25 yards:

    2 MOA = 0.524"
    32 MOA = 8.378"

    If someone can verify the math, that'd be great if something like this ends up being useful.
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