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Thread: General Holosun pistol optic thread

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    General Holosun pistol optic thread

    While we have had a variety of threads on aspects of Holosun pistol optics, I donít believe we have a general Holosun thread, so I thought we should start one given their increasing popularity.

    Historically, my sense is nearly 20 percent of Holosun optics fail out of the box or in the first few days of use, but if they get by that, they hold up reasonably well. Recently, I bought three 507 V2 units, and while two worked fine out of the box, the third had a problem with the ď+Ē button that controls intensity. Need to send it back. Also, last week a one year old original 507 failed while I was dry firing it. Dot went intermittent, even though the battery tested at 90 percent good.

    The 508T and 509T look interesting, and have received positive initial reviews by Sage Dynamics.

    Add your experiences with Holosun pistol optics here so we can get a large sample of experiences.
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    I've had a Holosun 407C on my P80 build since October of last year. It is attached to an RMR-inletted Brownells slide. I've run a few hundred rounds through it (more than 300, less than 500) without any problems. I'm probably going to move it to my 625 next.


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    My v1 507c has been my duty optic for about the last year. Thousands of rounds down range. No issues. The buttons donít bother me really. I changed the battery recently just because I felt like it. That would be my only real complaint with it, but the v2 fixes that.
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    My first Holosun HS403GL had to go back. Dot would not adjust, and then would jump to position after several rounds. It's replacement has been working fine, and I would buy another.
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    Don't have any holosun's yet so no reports. Been seriously toying with trying one out, waiting for the 508t to become available. But if Holosun can clamp down on their quality control, I think they would give Trijicon a huge run for their money. Would like to see them make different size dots available.
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    In three 407c's and one 508T, the only issue I had so far was the oblongish and off-center 32 moa reticle on the 508T. Holosun replaced it and it looks the same. I have since found several reviews that indicate that it is just the way they are. Easy fix, switch to the 2 moa dot.

    I haven't kept any long enough to run up high round counts. Unfortunately, I have been platform-hopping and have let the optics go with the guns when they went.
    The 407c on my practice gun was used when I bought it. Unknown round count. The 508T on my carry gun sees little use. It sits at 695 rounds. I may switch both over to HE509T's when they are available due to the lint bucket effect with the open emitter design.

    407k on backorder at Midway. When it comes in I will be shipping the 43x off for milling.

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    I bought a 507c V1 last fall for a backup pistol optic to my then primary RMR. Over several months shooting with it I've developed a preference for the 507c over the RMR. I can't really put my finger on why, I just like it more. Maybe it's because the window seems slightly larger than the RMR's, the reticle/dot seems crisper (I have a mild astigmatism), and the price. I think I'm at about 3000rds with no issues, swapped between 3 pistols and my CZ Scorpion. It's even taken an unintentional 4ft drop test onto my concrete basement floor after a clumsy drop out of my safe resulting in a small crack that appears to be a shadow in the edge of the window. Zero didn't move, no signs of damage to the body of the sight. I was impressed by that.
    My only real "complaints" are that I wish Holosun offered a larger MOA dot option and the logos on the 407/507 seem huge and bright. I subdued mine with a Sharpie. Overall, I'm very satisfied with mine and when I'm ready to purchase another pistol RDS it will be a Holosun, probably a 509T when available.

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    T&E'd two HE508T's for my agency about a year ago for 45 days. Shot the heck out of them in different weather and lighting conditions. Both optics passed without a single issue. Purchased my own HE508T which has 5,300 rounds on it without issue and two 507v2's which are at about the 3,000 round mark each and they are strong performers also. Had a number of coworkers and friends purchase HE508t and 507v2s since the initial T&E and not one issue on any of them so far.

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    Have a 407C that went 3,500rds with no issues but the brightness adjustment button fell off from a lot of one handed malfunction clearances I was doing. I need to send it out, itís a great optic

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    So far, with a sample size of 4, Iíve been running 50%. An 510C-GR for my PCC arrived completely dead; itís replacement has been great. I then got a 507-C V2 which arrived with a weird fuzzy distortion in the center of the lens, not usable. Sent it back and itís replacement is good; sharp reticle, no distortion.

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